Ond?ej Slavík Was Hired As the Director of Service at Efektim

The new Service Director at EFEKTIM a.s. is Ond?ej Slavík who was previously part of EFEKTIM as a designer. In his previous position he designed photovoltaic power plant development projects and also their monitoring systems in various countries such as England, Romania and Morocco. He also programmed control stations that communicate with a photovoltaic power plant.

Efektim Is Expanding and Newly Enters the North American Photovoltaic Market

Efektim started to expand to other continents and new solar energy markets this year.

Charity Drive for the Children of Mozambique

A voluntary charity drive called “Help the Children of Africa” was started at the beginning of this year under the patronage of two renowned Czech companies. The charity drive was organized by the employees of Efektim and Esa and took place in the Czech Republic. The voluntary drive was intended for the children of Mozambique and took place for more than two months.

Efektim at the International Renewable Energy Exhibition 2011 in France

Another season of the Renewable Energy Exhibition has taken place on February 15th – 18th 2011 in Lyon, France. It focused on technologies and products for renewable energy sources.