Natural Hemorrhoid Cures - The Safe, Effective and Simple Alternative to Surgery

Hemorrhoids or piles are dilated or swollen blood vessels in the anus or rectum. Hemorrhoids normally occur in folks who are pregnant and to those folks who are always constipated. When one is pregnant, there is much pressure due to the distended uterus and this causes the hemorrhoids. When one is always straining in bowel movements, pressure is applied in the blood vessels near the anus that makes them dilated. This can cause bleeding and mild to moderate pain. Due to this, one might be uncomfortable while sitting for long hours.

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'Haemorrhoids', among the common diseases that affects the rectal area and is widely known as 'Piles'. These are the inflamed or swollen blood vessels near the anal opening. When extreme pressure is done on anal blood vessels, they increase in size and seem like lumps in the affected portion.