Elementsphere Announces Indiegogo to Bring First Run of Pure Silver, Tungsten, Copper, Titanium and Niobium 1KG Spheres to Market

LogoPeople looking for a unique piece of natural art to deliver personality and open up conversations on one hand, or even be used for things like enhancing meditation practices on the other have a very good reason to be happy. The innovative team around the creator of Element Sphere, after having built up interested in their mission in quite creative ways over the last few months, have announced they are launching a crowdfunding campaign to bring to market the Element Sphere line – featuring five different choices of pure 1KG spheres each made of a different remarkable element, with a unique look, feel and some even say "energy" that they bring with them into a home or office. Interest in the crowdfunding campaign, which will be hosted on Indiegogo, is high.