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Truck Driver Killed in Rollover Accident in Northwest Arkansas

LogoAccording to information released by the Arkansas State Police, Douglas Green, a 51-year-old truck driver from Jacksonville, Florida, was killed in a rollover crash in Madison County.

Four Marion, Arkansas, Firefighters Injured After Tractor Trailer Collided with Fire Truck

LogoHazards firefighters face are not limited to burning buildings. Even responding to something as simple as an auto accident can place our bravest public servants in harm's way.

Ark. Judge Dismisses Second Wrongful Death and Survival Action Against John Deere

LogoA dead person cannot sue. But it is possible for the estate or heirs of a deceased individual to bring certain legal claims.

Investigation Continues Into Causes of Fatal Airplane Crash

LogoOfficials continue to investigate the reasons behind a recent Arkansas-bound airplane accident that claimed the lives of the two individuals on board

Texarkana Judge Dismisses Wrongful Death Lawsuit Arising from Fatal Funeral Procession Accident

LogoAn April 16, 2018, Car Accident Led To The Death Of A Man Who Was, Ironically, Participating In A Funeral Procession.

Self-Driving Cars Won't Prevent Arkansas Auto Accidents

LogoThough they were once only envisioned in the far-off future or science fiction, vehicles with various automated features are now common on roadways in Arkansas and throughout the US. A December 22, 2019 article from Forbes covered the current status in the auto industry and the advanced technologies that new car shoppers may want to look for in 2020, including artificial intelligence (AI). The author also laid out some of the benefits of self-driving cars, such as fewer traffic hassles, easier parking, and reduced instances of road rage.

Two Dead, One Injured in Fatal Truck Accident on Interstate 30 in Arkansas

LogoLittle Rock, AR NBC news affiliate KARK.com reported that the operator of an 18-wheeler truck crossed the dividing lines while driving eastbound along Interstate 30. The maneuver caused the semi to collide into a police car and a disabled vehicle that the officer had stopped to assist. The driver and passenger in the disabled passenger car were killed, while the police officer also suffered injuries.

Legal Options for Victim's Family After Arkansas Criminal Charges Dropped

LogoThe El Dorado News-Times covered the story in an article dated September 5, 2019, reporting on a development in the criminal case involving allegations of fleeing the scene. The special prosecutor announced that he was dropping the charges against the woman less than one month before the matter was scheduled for trial.

Punitive Damages May Be an Option in Arkansas DUI Crash

LogoThe Arkansas Democrat-Gazette covered the story in a September 6, 2019 article, stating that the three-vehicle collision occurred when the defendant failed to stop at a traffic signal. Most of those involved in the crash were treated for minor injuries, except for one victim who died from his injuries after being transported to Northwest Medical Center-Bentonville.

Arkansas "Flashing Red. Kids Ahead" Campaign Addresses School Bus Safety

LogoWith children throughout the state heading back to class within the next few weeks, the timing is right for the Arkansas Division of Elementary and Secondary Education to raise awareness about school bus safety. The "Flashing Red. Kids Ahead." campaign is a reminder of what the blinking lights mean for motorists sharing the road with buses. Yellow indicates that drivers should use caution around pedestrians, especially younger children and anyone using nearby crosswalks. Red lets them know to stop immediately until the bus removes the traffic signs and indicates drivers can proceed.