Families Can Prepare for Any Emergency at EmergencyBasicsAndBeyond.com

LogoDonald and Barbara are excited to announce the launch of their new online venture, EmergencyBasicsAndBeyond.com. This website provides customers with a one-stop shop for a huge variety of supplies that everyone should have on hand in case of an emergency to ensure their family's safety. When it comes to food for disaster preparedness, customers can shop the website's incredible selection of freeze-dried food and water storage containers, along with fire starters and emergency cooking equipment. Shoppers searching for great deals on complete survival kits will discover emergency supply sets for both for families and individuals. Shelters for emergencies and for camping are available, including tents, emergency survival blankets, cots, rain gear and more. As a complete resource for emergency situations, the website also offers customers a useful selection of hand tools, lighting options, sanitation devices and much more.