Emergent Reports 7 out of Every 10 Law Firms in Canada Moving Towards the "Virtual Minute Book"

LogoDesigned to give a labor-saving advantage to law firms, Emergent's Virtual Minute Book add-on to Corporate Manager ET, has done its due diligence. The document creation and file management software company announced recently that seven out of every ten law firms engaged now use, or intend to use, their comprehensive Virtual Minute Book software solution. Leaving behind the antiquated method of doing corporate records work by laborious hand, law firms are embracing the digital age where simplicity is literally and figuratively achieved.

Doing Custom Mirror Wills in Less Than One Minute, Emergent Launches New Feature for Estate Planning & Vault Manager Software

LogoSupplanting an antiquated system that necessitates ample hours of a processing time, the will drafting program from Emergent is already a game changer. Now it's even better. Woven into the widely-used Estate Planning & Vault Manager program, users need only do their work once to create mirror wills. Formerly taking between one to three hours of a staffer's time, Emergent's new feature will do the job of creating a custom mirror will with just one click. Putting two custom mirror wills in-hand in less one minute, the Canadian company has simplified estate planning. Better yet, with the innovation now available to law firms worldwide, it helps to make the universal task even more lucrative.