Emergent Ups the Ante on Customer Convenience with DocuSign Addition to the Legal Kiosk™

LogoCreating a one-stop-shop for the finalization of documentation, Emergent has added DocuSign to the Legal Kiosk™. Nixing the time-consuming process of scanning and uploading signed documents, the new feature further liberates office staff and the clients they serve. By way of the Virtual Minute Book, law firms can now upload finalized documents to the Legal Kiosk and start a simple process. As easy as one, two, three, staff simply identify who is slated to sign, and the system routes the final document for signatures, then places the fully signed document in the desired minute book tab within the cloud-based software.

Emergent Celebrates Product Milestone with Nearly 500k Documents Managed by Software Company's Estate Planning & Vault Manager

LogoAward-winning for its tireless ability to multi-task, is it any wonder that Emergent's Estate Planning & Vault Manager software has hit a monumental usage milestone? Emergent recently announced that the distinctive software program currently manages nearly 500k estate planning documents. It was first called the king of the hill in 2019 when lawyers categorized it as Canada's best document assembly and file management system for the estate planning industry. Not only does it simplify processes of drafting Wills, Powers of Attorney, Representation Agreements, Enduring Powers of Attorney, Personal Directives and so much more, but it also keeps its eye on formidably capturing ongoing revenue for law firms. Among other valuable customer service perks, with seamless agility, it follows up with clients who need to keep documents up to date.

Emergent Is Pleased to Announce the New Addition of NetDocuments to Their DMS Integration Suite

LogoEmergent welcomes NetDocuments to their long list of Document Management Systems (DMS). To bring greater convenience to the law firms who use it nationwide, the company's DMS Integration Suite has made room for the widely-recognized platform. Dedicated to giving their clients exceptional agility, Emergent's software remains the only document assembly software suite for lawyers practicing in the area of Corporate, Wills & Estates in Canada that integrates with popular DMS's. Thanks to Emergent's foresight, a time-saving auto-profiling feature will allow law firm staff who use NetDocuments to forego a painstaking step replicated too many times in a day. Capitalizing on the integration, law firms can save hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars each year.

Canada's Premier Estate Accounting Service Streamlines Secure Document Access with Integration of the Legal Kiosk™ from Emergent

LogoCooper Estates & Trust Services incorporates leading management software to give clients immediate access to pertinent documents.

Executor's Choice Adds Emergent's Widely-Used Legal Kiosk™ Software to Their Offerings for Secure Delivery of Client Services

LogoEmergent helps to simplify processes for Executor’s Choice so their clients can free up time to tend to familial matters.

Executor's Choice Adds Emergent's Widely-Used Legal Kiosk Software to Their Offerings for Secure Delivery of Client Services

LogoProving invaluable for the secure transmission of documents, the Legal Kiosk™ is now a key part of the Executor's Choice line up. Executor's Choice is a software company that specializes in the provision of tools executor's need to complete their administrative tasks quickly and efficiently. A perfect marriage at the intersection of accuracy and time, Emergent's Legal Kiosk software program is on point to help facilitate those goals.

Emergent Expands DMS Functionality to Include iManage Cloud Integration

LogoEmergent is pleased to announce it has extended its integration with iManage to now include the platform's cloud-based DMS. The only document assembly system in Canada that integrates with widely-used DMS's, Emergent is integral for law firms for myriad cost-saving and convenience-based reasons. Just one such reason includes the cost reduction found in no longer having to pay staff to painstakingly profile the numerous documents each user generates every day for clients. More and more, law firms have to be cognizant of what keeps them competitive down to the last detail. In an age where the transference of information must be immediate, clients demand it. And bottom lines do, too.

New Corporate Manager ET Feature Helps BC Law Firms Expedite Newly Established Transparency Register

LogoIn response to a new law for British Columbia, an enhanced software feature from Emergent keeps tabs on individuals who have direct or indirect control of a company or its shares.

R.I.P. Resources Inc. Integrates Emergent's Legal Kiosk™ Into Their Toolbox for Funeral Homes

LogoRecognized for their ability to build a marketing and product solution for clients across numerous industries, R.I.P. Resources Inc. recently broadened its services. The company has linked arms with Emergent, Canada's premier document creation and file management software providers. Incorporating Emergent's widely-revered product, the Legal Kiosk™ as a large part of their offerings for grieving families, R.I.P. is on point to exceed their customers' goals. The software solution increases client service capabilities by offering increased organization, instant access to documentation, information, and peace of mind.

Emergent to Host Webinars to Showcase New NoticeConnect Integration Now Available on Their Estate Administration Platform

LogoThe much-anticipated NoticeConnect integration is now available on Emergent. Through Canada's industry-leading Estate Administration software, Emergent customers can now publish a complete Notice to Creditors with a simple click a button. It's just that easy because, to facilitate the process, the integration allows NoticeConnect to apply information that is already contained within Emergent's Estate Administration software. With time-saving aptitude, the agile software then automatically transmits the completed form to NoticeConnect for review before posting it. Those who make use of the service through Emergent's Estate Administration software also receive a discount from NoticeConnect for every posted notice. To that end, Emergent will offer multiple fifteen-minute webinars to showcase how easy it is to post a Notice to Creditors and how their platform is more cost-efficient than posting directly on NoticeConnect's site. The webinars are slated for: