New Study Shows WindUp Estate Accounting & Tax Reduces State Accounting Work by Up to 70%

LogoEmergent announces the results of a recent study conducted on their WindUp Estate Accounting & Tax software program. The study reported a 70% reduction in the time it takes to do accounting work by executors or trustees. Helping to keep track of their assets, liabilities and investments and their distribution, Emergent's WindUp Estate accounting & Tax software is highly adept at balancing estate accounts. Designed to take the distress out of disposing of all liabilities and bestowing assets in accordance with the wishes of the deceased, WindUp uses a court passing format. Now executors can have confidence when placing their work in front of a judge for confirmation of accuracy. And it does it in one-fourth of the time.

Emergent Automation Software Now Simplifies Probate with Updates for Saskatchewan, BC & Alberta

LogoEmergent announces its newest feature to their Estate Administration software. Designed to streamline forms like an application for probate and various affidavits for Canadian provinces, the automation software is now applicable in a larger region. Emergent's software program now includes updated forms for Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and Alberta in addition to Ontario, and Nova Scotia. Making for efficiency that translates into a firm's increased revenue, the software contains all the mergeable forms necessary to complete the deceased's estate.

New Estate Administration Automation Software Feature from Emergent Cuts "To Do" Time for Probate

LogoEstate Administration just got easier for law firms already using Emergent's Estate Planning & Vault Manager software. The company recently announced the launch of their most simplistic feature yet. Designed to merge information into the Estate Administration side of the software, law firms need only enter the date of death for the deceased. From there, the software will merge all documentation needed to complete the process from the application for probate, to an affidavit for beneficiaries, to other administrative tasks.

Legal Management Software Creators, Emergent Says Clients Are Saving Time and Raising Income 70%

LogoStarting with the estimation of a $22,500 savings a year in administrative costs, Emergent reports a win/win for law firms. Garnering ecstatic reviews from users of the Corporate Manager ET solution, Emergent says clients are cutting costs and raising profit 70% on annuals. Typically seen as a thirty-minute process per entity that can tally up to five hundred hours for a thousand annuals, Corporate Manager ET takes a better tact. It cuts time to seconds by batching annuals while legal fees remain the same.

Emergent Moves the Law Industry's Famed Virtual Minute Book to the Cloud

LogoEmergent announces a new and advanced way to manage and file minutes virtually with the Legal Kiosk™ cloud launch. Always staying at the forefront of innovation, the company has employed the newest technology so customers can keep corporate records and share documents simply. Thanks to Emergent's foresight and the invaluable cloud, corporations, and law firms can now access each entity's Virtual Minute Book on any device via the world's most popular browsers.

Estate Planning & Vault Manager Software from Emergent Gets a New Automated Time Saving Feature

LogoOn the side of legal firms and their tireless administrative staffs, Emergent now offers another time-saving game changer. The new Wills Intake feature for the already comprehensive Estate Planning & Vault Manager is now on tap to cut customized will preparation time. Used for wills, mirror wills, and overall estate planning, the new add-on allows information already entered into the software program to generate all necessary documents. Enter information once, add proprietary precedents, choose the documents needed, merge, and print. Could a custom will be simpler?

Emergent Releases Corporate & Estate Manager Version 14 with over 400 Improvements

LogoIntegrating over a dozen new features, over 300 updates, and numerous bug fixes, Emergent changes the game for an already useful tool. Creating phenomenal advantages using simplicity as a working principle, Corporate & Estate Manager Version 14 brings users up to speed. The widely-popular four-in-one management product for lawyers adds hundreds of government form updates in this new rollout. With an expanding content library, the solution now has well over a thousand government forms. Corporate Manager ET remains the most comprehensive entity management system for lawyers and in-house counsel. Not to be minimized, features like automatic reminders, online filing, wizards, virtual minute books, supported jurisdictions, and import tools are still at the crux of the software's benefits and reduce common tasks from hours to mere minutes.

Emergent Reports 7 out of Every 10 Law Firms in Canada Moving Towards the "Virtual Minute Book"

LogoDesigned to give a labor-saving advantage to law firms, Emergent's Virtual Minute Book add-on to Corporate Manager ET, has done its due diligence. The document creation and file management software company announced recently that seven out of every ten law firms engaged now use, or intend to use, their comprehensive Virtual Minute Book software solution. Leaving behind the antiquated method of doing corporate records work by laborious hand, law firms are embracing the digital age where simplicity is literally and figuratively achieved.

Doing Custom Mirror Wills in Less Than One Minute, Emergent Launches New Feature for Estate Planning & Vault Manager Software

LogoSupplanting an antiquated system that necessitates ample hours of a processing time, the will drafting program from Emergent is already a game changer. Now it's even better. Woven into the widely-used Estate Planning & Vault Manager program, users need only do their work once to create mirror wills. Formerly taking between one to three hours of a staffer's time, Emergent's new feature will do the job of creating a custom mirror will with just one click. Putting two custom mirror wills in-hand in less one minute, the Canadian company has simplified estate planning. Better yet, with the innovation now available to law firms worldwide, it helps to make the universal task even more lucrative.