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MemoryUp Pro - Mobile RAM Booster has been Updated to Version 3.8

eMobiStudio has released the upgraded version 3.8 of MemoryUp Pro. By taking control of JVM (Java Virtual Machine) of your mobile system, MemoryUp Pro automatically recovers unused memory and optimizes memory allocation in the background. The new features of MemoryUp Pro immediately gain popularity among BlackBerry and smartphone users after the release.

Boost Mobile Experience With MemoryUp Pro - 'A Powerful Mobile RAM Booster' from eMobiStudio Inc

MemoryUp Professional is a powerful mobile RAM booster specially designed for smartphone and BlackBerry users. By taking control of JVM (Java Virtual Machine) of your smartphone and BlackBerry system, MemoryUp Pro can automatically recover unused memory and optimize memory allocation in the background. It is the most advanced memory optimizer that will keep your smartphone and BlackBerry running faster and efficiently. And recently, MemoryUp Pro has received great popularity on BlackBerry App World.

Boost Your Android Smartphone With DownloadAndroid Newly Released App-Memory Booster

DownloadAndroid announces newly release of Memory Booster v1.3, a powerful mobile Memory & RAM boosting tool specially designed for Android Smartphone users. It is optimized for all series of Android OS smartphones, which can monitor your mobile system in the background, freeing resources when needed.

BrainWave Tuner 2.2 Ascends Into the Top Health/Fitness Application Rank in Google Market

BrainWave Tuner, DownloadAndroid’s award-winning product of the Handango Best Health/Fitness Application, with its new features involved in Version 2.2, achieves a higher satisfaction among all its android users within 30 days of its release.

A Powerful Network Accelerator for Mobile Phones

NetworkAcc is supposed to be a powerful mobile network accelerator specially designed for Mobile Phones that dedicates to accelerate all mobile-network based functions including online browsing, downloading, uploading, streaming movies, e-mails etc. But does it really work? Let's have a look.

eMobiStudio Officially Releases HotkeyManager Upgraded Version 1.8

eMobiStudio has released the upgraded version 1.8 of HotkeyManager, a powerful keyboard shortcut management application specially designed for BlackBerry. With HotkeyManager, you can easily create and manage shortcuts to applications, phone calls and system utilities for your BlackBerry. The new features of HotkeyManager V1.8 immediately gain popularity among BlackBerry users after the release. Boosting up your Blackberry experience is just one-click away!

eMobiStudio Releases NetworkAcc Mobile Network Accelerator v 2.1

eMobiStudio.Com announces a new version 2.1 of NetworkAcc, a powerful mobile network accelerator specially designed for Smartphone & BlackBerry users. Many new features are added in the new version 2.1

NetworkAcc is Rated as the Most Powerful Network Booster by Mobihand

NetworkAcc is eMobiStudio’s second hit as part of its continuous efforts to boost up Smartphone users’ mobile experience. A powerful mobile network accelerator specially designed for Smartphone & BlackBerry users. All through the way, NetworkAcc is rated as top 1 Network booster by Mobihand.

50% Discount is Offered for Purchasing Mobile Applications from eMobiStudio’s Website

To express sincere appreciation to its valued customers, now eMobiStudio offers 50% discount with coupon code ‘JANPROMO’ for MemoryUp Pro, NetworkAcc, BatteryPlus and HotKeyManager. These applications can work together to boost up your mobile experience, such as: optimize your mobile system memory, enhance network performance, boost up BlackBerry battery's running time and provides the most convenient hotkey utility to BlackBerry applications, system utilities and phone calls for quick launch purpose.

Slaughter Enemies and Survive! Enjoy Ultimate Fighter for BlackBerry and Smartphone Owners

iMobLife.Com announces the newly release of ‘Ultimate Fighter’, one of the best arcade shooting games specially designed for BlackBerry and Smartphone owners. You have only one mission: Slaughter Enemies and Survive!