Engine Bay Floors

Engine Bay Floors Wins Prestigious SikaFloor Project of the Year Award

LogoEngine Bay Floors, an Elite level installer of Sika floor and wall systems was awarded the second place prize for their Centre Square Fire Department project.

Rejuvenated Website Launches February, 2018

LogoEngine Bay Floors has added the finishing touches to its newly rejuvenated web site, www.enginebayfloors.com according to its I.T. director Cheryl Miller.

Engine Bay Floors Recognized as Master Floor Installer for Sika Flooring

LogoSika Group has announced Engine Bay Floors' recognition as a Master level installer of flooring systems and wall systems. Engine Bay Floors joins an elite group of contractors recognized for their knowledge and commitment to industry leading resinous flooring and wall installations.

Engine Bay Floors Introduces Moisture Vapor Transmission System

LogoAfter years of research and design, Engine Bay Floors and a key manufacturing partner have officially introduced a flooring system specifically designed as a permanent solution to issues caused by moisture vapor transmission.

Engine Bay Floors Introduces Outdoor Concrete Repair Product Line

LogoAfter months of research and design, Engine Bay Floors and its manufacturing partners have officially introduced a complete line of outdoor concrete repair products. Final testing has recently been completed at two different applications; approval and release was announced by Rocky Van Horn, Director of Field Operations.

Virginia Fire Chiefs Association Trade Show A Huge Success For Engine Bay Floors

LogoThe recently concluded Virginia Fire Chiefs Association 2011 Mid-Atlantic Expo & Symposium held in Virginia Beach February 25-26, 2011 was a huge success for Engine Bay Floors. Engine Bay Floors is a Pennsylvania based epoxy flooring contractor serving the fire, rescue and EMS communities all over the country.

Engine Bay Floors Announces New Moisture Testing Method for Firehouse Floors

LogoAt the conclusion of their recent 12 month study, the board of directors of Engine Bay Floors voted unanimously to move away from the calcium chloride moisture emission testing methods and to adopt the relative humidity ( RH Test ) test as the new testing method to determine the likelihood of a moisture vapor emission failure in one of their installed firehouse flooring systems.

Engine Bay Floors Introduces a Low Temperature Cure Additive for Epoxy Firehouse Flooring Systems

LogoAfter months of research and design, Engine Bay Floors and their manufacturing partners have officially introduced a low temperature additive for use in Engine Bay’s epoxy firehouse flooring systems.

Firehouse Flooring Company Resists Price Increases

LogoDuring the first six months of 2010, Engine Bay Floor’s epoxy manufacturing partners experienced a dramatic rise in epoxy resin raw material prices. The increases exceeded 50%.

Engine Bay Floors Receives L.E.E.D. Certification

LogoNew floor coating technologies from manufacturing partners leads to environmentally friendly product line upgrades.