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Acquittal of New York Crane and Rigging Owner James Lomma: Should Lives Be at Risk at the Expense of More Profit?

LogoJames Lomma, owner of New York Crane and Rigging was cleared of the charges filed against him regarding the collapse of a tower crane on East 91st Street in New York City on May 2008 which took the life of two people. Charges against him and his company included two counts of criminally negligent murder, two counts of second degree homicide, and one count of assault and one of irresponsible endangerment. These charges could have put Lomma in prison for a maximum of 15 years.

Safe Operations of Cranes in Construction: A Must for Every Construction Project

LogoLast week, a construction crane fell onto a passing car in Indianapolis, Indiana backing up interstate traffic. On May 9, a truck crane broke through the surface of a car park dropping into an underground parking garage in Idaho Falls, Idaho. A day after this incident, in Orlando, Florida, a man died after falling 12 meters from a platform mounted on a boom truck while helping in the installation of a large billboard pole which broke free from the crane holding it.

Save More, Exert Less Effort: Pointers to Remember when Hiring a Crane Service Company

LogoIt is vital for customers to remember that most of the companies offer a crane service bill depending on the amount of time needed to accomplish the job. Being prepared prior to their arrival on the work site can drastically lessen the amount that one has to pay upon the accomplishment of the job.

Hyundai Construction Equipment R35Z-9 - An Innovative Heavy Haul Tool of Tomorrow

LogoHyundai Construction Equipment launched its newest hydraulic system for finer touches and high caliber controllability – the R35Z-9 which is ideal for rigid, restricted job sites like those in the metropolitan and residential settings including the sensitive lands.

Heavy Equipment Theft - A New Lucrative Market in the World of Criminals

LogoEquipment theft is a large and growing problem for companies and businesses operating with the use of heavy construction equipment. It is becoming a lucrative market for criminals with an estimated $1 billion annual lost being incurred nationwide because of stolen heavy haul equipment and other construction tools.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure: Crane Safety Measures to Lessen Overall Construction Cost

LogoOn Wednesday morning, in 2013, a father was operating a push truck on Deerfoot Trail in the province of Alberta, Canada, as part of a convoy transporting a crane to Jasper. At some point near the 17th Avenue S.E. turnoff, some of the vehicles struck a barrier. The crane, the trailer it was perched on, and the push truck all rolled onto their sides.

Entrec Releases 2013 Financial Report, Expects Growth Opportunities with Oil Sands

LogoCanada is one of the world’s biggest oil reserves in the world, next to the world’s first – Saudi Arabia. Alberta is a province located in western Canada, which is rich with a beautiful environment, plentiful natural resources, a strong economy, and a stable political system. There is an estimated 1.7 to 2.5 trillion barrels of bitumen in Alberta’s oil sands. Current production rates project that resources from Alberta’s oils sands could provide Canada’s energy needs for more than 500 years. This is equivalent to the world’s needs for up to 15 years.

Entrec Upholds Top 65 Alberta Employers Reputation

LogoEntrec remains one of Alberta’s employment providers for trades, transport, and equipment operators and related occupations

Engineered Transport Services Revolutionizing Heavy Lift Service Industry

LogoA few decades ago, transporting heavy lift equipment was close to impossible. Today, commercial trucks are made very large, powerful and can be configured to mount specialized equipment in various sizes and weight. Handling, transporting and installation of heavy items which are solid and weigh generally a ton to over 1000 tons are challenging for most. Some equipment even stretch up to 100 meters in width making it impossible to fit into containers or conventional trucks. Because of these challenges, technologically advanced picker services were made.

What Does It Take to Move Tons of Weight? Entrec Has the Answer

LogoThe North American trailer industry is highly specialized. Only a number of companies offer such services regionally and Entrec, a leading provider of heavy lift and heavy haul services, has been rolling out plans to stay ahead of the game. Entrec’s unparalleled product customization and increased stability in moving, loading and unloading large scale equipment have been recognized and admired by the industry not only in Canada but in the whole American region. The company’s innovative equipment gives them higher competence over its rivalries.