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EPM Scientific Offers Specialised Recruitment Services for Pharmaceutical R&D Sector

LogoResearch and development are the lifeblood of any life science company as the size of the industry grows. Companies worldwide continue to bring thousands of products into being for the benefit of individuals and wider society thanks to the collaborative efforts of researchers, designers, engineers, manufacturers, and regulators. This has increased the demand for top professionals in the sector. EPM Scientific is a well-renowned medical recruitment agency that offers recruitment services for the pharmaceutical R&D sector.

EPM Scientific Offers Specialized Recruitment Services for Quality Operations Jobs

LogoQuality operations are a critical part of life sciences and pharmaceutical industries. Quality is essential in ensuring the final products are consistent, safe, effective and predictable. This is because 90% of the medicines tested on people don't reach the market because they are unsafe or ineffective. Companies are also aware of the risk; according to research, 67% of executives consider cost of quality essential to competitive success. This is why quality operations personnel are in high demand in the industry.

EPM Scientific Helps Pharmaceutical Companies Hire the Best Candidates for Their Medical Affairs Jobs

LogoInnovation is a mainstay in the pharmaceutical industry as new medical devices, drugs, and more are developed each day. This has created new career opportunities in the medical affairs sector as there is a higher demand for clinical information. Medical affairs teams are the face of the company, and their value lies in their ability to disseminate information as accurately and precisely as possible. EPM Scientific is one of the top recruitment agencies that help businesses recruit medical affairs personnel for pharmaceutical businesses.

EPM Scientific Offers Recruitment Services for Jobs in Clinical Development

LogoClinical development defines the process of bringing a drug to the market from scratch. It can be a long and difficult process as many crucial factors play a part. The process helps advance scientific knowledge, propels the life sciences field forward, and ultimately delivering a successful and safe product to market that transforms millions of lives. Therefore, qualified professionals are in high demand in the industry. EPM Scientific, a well-renowned recruitment firm, offers recruitment services for the clinical development sector.

EPM Scientific Offers Recruitment Services to Fill Safety & Pharmacovigilance Positions

LogoMedical safety and vigilance are becoming increasingly important in the pharmaceutical sector. There have been reports of many safety issues when it comes to pharmaceutical drugs in recent times. Statistics highlight a key challenge of modern medicine, the need to track adverse events long after regulatory agencies have approved new drugs. This is why pharmaceutical safety personnel are in high demand in the industry. EPM Scientific, a well-renowned recruitment agency, offers recruitment services to fill jobs in the safety & pharmacovigilance job sector.

EPM Scientific USA Offers Specialised Recruitment Services for Medical Communications Jobs

LogoBillions of dollars are invested into the pharmaceutical industry each year to ensure medications reach the people that need them. Pharmaceutical companies work with experts to plan, support and deliver well thought-out information and education to a variety of audiences for patients to receive treatment. Pharmaceutical businesses hire medical communication professionals to help improve the distribution of medications. EPM Scientific USA is a well-renowned biomedical recruitment agency that offers specialised recruitment services for medical communications jobs.

EPM Scientific Offers Specialised Recruitment Services for the Research & Development Industry

LogoThe life sciences industry relies heavily on research and development. A company's existence in an increasingly competitive climate is almost entirely based on the research and development of new products, such as medications, vaccines, and medical devices. Research and development are a significant investment in both time and finances. On average, large multinational drug companies spend 17% of their revenues on R&D, and it takes an average of ten years to bring a new drug to market. Therefore, medical enterprise in the R&D sector must hire great people.

EPM Scientific Offers Specialised Recruitment Services for Medical Communications Sector

LogoMedical communication is a key part of the pharmaceutical industry as medical research is meaningless unless it is communicated well to the right people. Communication can help patients understand their condition, medication as well as their side effects.

EPM Scientific Offers World-Class Recruitment Solutions to Medical Affairs Sector in the US

LogoWith the development of new sophisticated molecules, medical devices, and even gene therapies, there has been a rise in the demand for highly skilled and talented pharmacists in the growing area of medical affairs across the world. To meet up the growing needs for top talent in the medical affairs sector, EPM Scientific provides permanent, contract and multi-hire recruitment solutions for different job opportunities including medical writing director, medical director, director health economics, QA project manager, and many others.

EPM Scientific Offers Recruitment Services for Rising Clinical Development Sector

LogoThe world economy was severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic which made recruitment especially harder. While the world saw a rise in the need for qualified professionals especially in the clinical sector, recruitment for the sector has become increasingly difficult as many companies struggle to find suitable candidates to meet their growing needs. EPM Scientific is a leading recruiter in the US that provides recruitment services for the clinical development sector.