Esperite Ltd.

New Transportation App Debuts Kiwi Hub's Data-Centric Way to Integrate Urban Lifestyles

At the cusp of something transformative, Esperite Ltd. makes its debut into a ready marketplace with the Kiwi Hub app. Something like a one-stop-shop for public transit, the new app uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a working principle. To that end, Esperite Ltd. has begun its wonders by streamlining transportation in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch. Having just completed the transportation module in August of this year, Kiwi Hub has an already impressive 20,000 active users. But it's easy to see why. In one central spot, commuters now have real time access to tens of thousands of public transit routes in the major cities of New Zealand. Need route conditions, to see the trip history, plan a trip, or track spending? Sure thing, do all that through Kiwi Hub.