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Mini DVD's are an increasingly attractive option, as more people generally are adopting DVD playing technologies such as stand-alone DVD players (for TV) and DVD handling devices on computers. Just about any tray loading device DVD player can handle mini sized DVD discs (see Mini DVD Information below). With a useful 1.4 GB of capacity and full color surface printing, mini DVD stand out as a very attractive alternative to standard-sized discs and our feedback suggests more people are likely to explore and treasure Mini DVD's. Is Now Providing Shaped CD's and DVD's

After having a great success in DVD Replication, CD Replication and Branded USB Sticks now, is introducing their new products in the market called shaped CD's and shaped DVD's. Special Events & Promos, E-Catalog Distribution, Retail and Wholesale, Professional Services, Corporate or Individual Profiles, Recruiting and Job Placement, Education, Real Estate, Integrating with a Website, Direct Mail Campaigns, New Product Launches, Special Event Marketing, Grand Openings, Sales Presentations, Promotions, the list goes on! A custom shaped DVD Card can create even more interest in your campaign. EasyReplication now offers a number of pre-approved shapes for you to select from or you can create a shape that is specifically related to your product or service. Launches Its Products in New Year 2010 With New Modifications launches its DVD Replication services and Branded USB Sticks for this New Year 2010. DVD-Video is a multimedia publishing format that people use for interactive playback of high-quality video, audio, and graphics content. The DVD-Video format allows consumers to play back long-form content such as motion pictures and interactive content such as games, all with higher video and audio quality than can be had from VHS, SVHS, CD-I, or Laserdisc playback systems. DVD-Video delivers full-screen, full- motion video at a resolution of 720 x 480 pixels per frame and a frame rate of 30 frames per second (fps) for NTSC video, or 720 x 576 pixels per frame and a frame rate of 25 fps for PAL video.

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