Eternal Tungsten

Star Wars Tungsten Rings: The Perfect Holiday Gift for the Most Avid of Fans

LogoEternal Tungsten has always been a company to break into new territory starting with the materials they use and the immaculate styling that goes into each and every piece they carry in stock. Their special edition Star Wars rings are certainly no exception to this and just might be the ultimate gift this holiday season for Star Wars fans.

Eternal Tungsten Rings Put New Spin on Tradition

LogoLong considered to be primarily a men's ring, Eternal Tungsten rings are breaking the barrier into the opposite sex. With many females looking for the next in style piece to wear for fall, the unique looks of tungsten rings are a sure way to stand out of the crowd.

Eternal Tungsten Goes Camo

LogoEternal Tungsten is known for their edgy, bold, modern and one-of-a-kind rings, but their camouflage line of rings for him and her just might take the cake. The wow factor shines bright in this lineup of eight unforgettable pieces – each one distinct and beautiful in its own way. From orange to pink, blue to magenta, desert to traditional style camouflage, there's something to match every personality.

California-Based Ring Purveyors Combine Classic Metals with Contemporary Carbon for a Bold and Unique Look

LogoWith so many kinds of rings on the market, it takes something truly special to stand it. It may be something bold or it may just be a subtle touch so unique and original that a friend at dinner or even a passerby is involuntarily prompted to utter out: "I've never seen that before." Eternal Tungsten focuses on creating pieces of jewelry, namely rings, that stand out from the crowd – not in a gaudy or flashy kind of way – but with a deep streak of confidence and elegance.

California-Based Purveyor of Fine Tungsten Rings Unveil an Edgy, Versatile New Look: Carbon

LogoCustom designed rings and exotics cars: two accoutrements that may not typically go hand in hand. But they may have a lot more in common than meets the eye. Eternal Tungsten's line of carbon fiber rings shares the same material often found in world class vehicles. As many are aware, carbon is, in some senses, the "new steel". It is stronger and stiffer than steel while amazingly still much lighter.

Eternal Tungsten Creates Unique Ring Fashions

LogoThe beauty of jewelry is having a small piece of fashion to express your unique personality in a subtle manner. Adding a little personalization to something as simple as a ring can make a common piece more of a statement. Eternal Tungsten is a leader in the customization of rings to highlight the personalities and quirks of their owners. Customers can determine the symbols and engraving that make for great customized gifts or personal purchases. The extent of their collection surpasses other jewelers with their diverse selection and unique customization options.