Eton Institute Dubai

Learn a Language, Discover a Culture and WIN Trips Around the World at Eton Institute This Summer

Eton Institute announces the launch of its 6th successive Super Intensive courses in Arabic and English, available only during the summer months in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

WIN Trips Around the World With Eton Institute This Summer

Eton Institute, the largest language training and professional development centre in the UAE, announced the launch of its Around the World summer campaign, transporting language learners to exotic destinations around the world. Running from 1st June to 31st August, you and your guest will be able to enter to win one of 3 trips Around the World, when you book any course at Eton. New York, Paris and Hong Kong are the hot spots for 3 extremely lucky learners this summer at Eton Institute.

From Russia With Love - Eton Institute's Free Russian Cultural Evening

Eton Institute, the UAE’s No.1 language school, is organising a free Russian Cultural evening to give the community an insight on this intriguing culture.

Eton Institute Goes Intergalactic

Eton Institute has decided to go where no school has gone before. The already wide range of languages available through the UAE’s largest training Institute is about to be further expanded to include Klingon.

Eton Institute Achieves International Accreditation for Excellence in Language Training

Eton Institute has achieved international accreditation from the European Association of Quality Language Schools (EAQUALS), a benchmark for excellence in language training.

Eton Institute Brings Its X Factor to Abu Dhabi

Eton Institute is the leading training & development centre in U.A.E, offering courses in over 100 Languages, Teacher Training, Computer Training, Business Skills Training and customised Corporate Training solutions, opens in Abu Dhabi this May.

Learn Dutch for FREE at Eton Institute This April

Eton institute, UAE’s largest language training centre, is offering a free Dutch language course for the month of April, to familiarise the community with the culture, etiquette and the Dutch way of life.

Free Emotional Intelligence Workshop to Boost Personal and Professional Relationships

Learn why Emotional Intelligence matters more than your IQ at this FREE one hour workshop by Eton Institute on Wednesday, 28th March from 7pm to 8pm.

Celebrate Nowruz - Iranian Cultural Evening With the Legends of Persia at Eton Institute

Influencing civilizations for thousands of years, the rich and mystical culture of Persia is one from ancient times. Eton Institute, the UAE’s No. 1 language school, is hosting a free Iranian Cultural evening in celebration of the start of the sacred Iranian New Year, popularly known as Nowruz and give the community an insight on ancient Persia’s intriguing culture.

Eton Institute Celebrates Six Years of Success

The party hats have been taken off and the confetti has settled, Eton Institute is one year older.