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Steve Evenson Believes in the Cause and Is Glad to Represent Street Vibrations Fall Rally Clients

LogoThe 18th annual Street Vibrations fall rally has drawn to a close. More than 50,000 motorcycle enthusiasts hit the road in Reno, Sparks, and Virginia City for some of the best driving weather and terrain in the United States. This year set a few records for Street Vibrations, some good and some as great. Due to the increased police presence, there were fewer accidents at the 2012 Fall Street Vibrations than any other rally in recent years. Unfortunately, the increased police presence has led to more DUI arrests than ever before. Steve Evenson is more than aware of the patriotic free spirit of motorcycle enthusiasts and is proud to offer consultations and representation to any bikers in need. Steve knows the ins and outs of DUI law and several ways to make sure his clients are let go or face dramatically reduced sentence.

Steve Evenson Protects Burning Man's Rights Every Year

LogoEvery year tens of thousands of the most vibrant, unique and imaginative people in the world meet on the playa at Black Rock point. The Burning Man festival is one of the most staggering displays of personal freedom and civil rights that America hosts every year. People travel the world over to experience and take part in this unique expression of art, music and temporary autonomous community unlike anything else in the world. The festival has grown to nearly the full capacity expected of it forming a city with a full post office and one of a kind community. When the members of this community have their rights jeopardized by Nevada law enforcement they have a wide range of lawyers. But only Steve Evenson has the experience knowhow and love for the festival and attendees to work tirelessly on every Burning Man case he takes on in a year.

Burning Man Is a Unique Experience With Unique Needs

LogoThe yearly Burning Man festival is a one of a kind event with unique needs, attorney Steve Evenson caters to the unique legal needs of the festival.

Black Rock City Attorney of Choice Is Steve Evenson

LogoIt does not matter how big or small the case, Steve Evenson gives his all for the citizens of Black Rock City in and out of the courtroom. Steve understands the spirit of Burning Man and that every individual on the playa needs special attention if it comes to dealing with the Nevada legal system. The yearly festival continues to grow in popularity and recognition and always requires a unique legal hand when Burners find themselves on the wrong side of the law. He makes himself available 24/7 to Burners during the festival. Afterwards he keeps himself available to his clients as he works with them to ensure the best possible outcome to legal troubles they may have had in Nevada. There is no Burning Man case Steve will not give his full attention and expertise.

Black Rock City Residents Facing Legal Troubles Are Not Alone, Steve Evenson Is There 24/7

LogoBlack Rock City draws what is likely the most diverse, interesting and creative crowd of any yearly festival in America. Art fanatics, car fanatics, freedom fanatics, music lovers of all kinds, artists, poets, fabricators, drivers, partyers and just plain old fashioned Burners flock to Burning man every year. The event continues to grow and attract outstanding participants and more and more extensive media coverage. Unfortunately this means more and more legal heat tends to come crashing down on Burners to and from the festival as well as at the festival itself. Often times Burners having legal trouble feel like no lawyer will take their case or individual needs seriously and that many lawyers are just looking to take a payment and run while offering a terrible defense when it is most needed. Sadly in many cases they can be correct.

Nevada Attorney Steve Evenson Is a Friend to All Burners

LogoSteve Evenson knows full well that Burners and law enforcement don’t always get along. Even more importantly he knows that Burners are innocent good natured people traveling to the playa to express themselves and enjoy the year festivities. Clashes between Burning Man and law enforcement both near the playa and into and out of the desert diminish the festival for everyone. Steve works tirelessly to ensure that when Burners and law enforcement meet that the Burners come out on top and he is extremely good at it. Last year nearly every Burner that Steve represented had cases immediately dismissed. Those that did not got extremely reduced sentences. Steve is glad to put his reputation against anyone who claims to advocate for Burners with any number of legal problems.

Burning Man Draws Increasing Heat from Nevada Authorities but Help Is Available

LogoBurning Man is an absolutely unique event that draws a unique and eclectic patronage from around the world. In recent years the festival has grown to what some people consider capacity and drawn a wide range of media coverage. This extended coverage and the ever increasing popularity of the unique spirit of Burning Man has been a mixed blessing in some ways.