Explorite Offers Free Classifieds for Students at Boston University in Massachusetts

A new website that serves the needs of Boston University students is now available. Explorite is a website dedicated to students at different universities. Providing marketplace, roommate, job finding and classified services, Explorite helps expand the Boston University classified system for students. Explorite was launched on October 3rd, 2012 by its founder, Adi Pellumbi. A computer science alumni student from Salem State University in Massachusetts, Explorite was designed to address the specific needs of university students. Boston University represents one of the latest additions to the Explorite system. Essentially, Explorite is a communications and marketing platform that allows students to buy and sell items, find information and place ads similar to classifieds in order to get what they need more quickly. While the Boston University classifieds are certainly widespread, Explorite helps to expand the potential even more for students. There are no fees for Explorite which means that students can use all of these services for free.