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Is Apple Making Products Impossible to Repair

LogoBack in the day you used to be able to buy yourself an Apple laptop or desktop computer, bring it home and customize the performance by upgrading the ram, hard drive, etc. But over the course of the last couple of years Apple is seemingly trying to make it more and more difficult to repair their products yourself, or via a third party alternative repair shop. I spoke to one such technician in the UK who told me that this is in fact the way many Apple products are heading now, even the batteries need to be replaced by a service center.

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LogoFinally a company in the north of England that provides a wide range of alternative, trustworthy Apple repair services at affordable rates. Many iPad owners these days rely heavily on there iDevice and as statistics have shown that out of all gadgets on the market today, the iPad is one that can easily get smashed, or cracked from knocks, or being dropped. iPad screen repair Leeds services is among the most popular the company offer locally. As the Apple brand increases in polarity it difficult to find a trustworthy service provider with a long background in Apple products. One thing that you can't get from your local Apple store is a repair to you iPad! Apple do however offer an exchange program but this is still quite costly in comparison to a good quality local repair service. It's common knowledge that an iPad repair must be quite difficult, you only have to look at the size and precision build on the iPad to realise the skill involved in building, and repairing. Many top technician within the Apple community will still not touch the iPad in terms of repair due to the high skill need to pull off a quality restoration.