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EZ Pest Exterminating Launches New Bed Bug Extermination Service in New York City

Bed bug infestations have been something of an epidemic in the world's largest metropolises, and New York City has been at the center of ongoing difficulties with the irritating creatures. The bugs are surprisingly hard to kill, and many have grown resistant to the potent chemicals used to poison them. As such, EZ Pest Exterminating is offering a new way of eliminating the problem using steam, boiling the critters to death then sucking them from sheets, mattresses and almost any other surface, effectively and affordably.

EZ Pest Exterminating Launches New Website for Bed Bug Exterminating Services as Fall Brings Surge in Bed Bugs

New York City is home to 8.4 million people, but that number is dwarfed by the number of wild insects and creatures living there. Despite New York City being an aggressively urban environment, many animals have eked out an existing on the fringes of human experience. As fall arrives and the cold begins to bite however, many of those animals move further into human living spaces, and infestations increase. EZ Pest Exterminating, have launched a new website which has led to an increase in calls about bed bugs, and they are recommending everyone check their mattresses as numbers of reported cases are on the rise.