EZ Backdrops Fits Your Entire Trade Show Booth in a Briefcase

Ezbackdrops.com introduces a fun and easy way to set up portable trade show booths. Their featured product, Ez Backdrops, is the quickest way to set up a booth billboard for trade show displays. Ez Backdrops are small, easy to carry and can be set up in minimal time. It is made of light weight fabric and weighs all of 5 pounds. This renders it easily foldable to fit into a briefcase. Ez Backdrops are wrinkle resistant, fire resistant and measures a 9` x 8` seamless piece of fabric. It utilizes the exhibition’s supporting frame which would have a drape and pipe. Customers shouldn’t have to pay extra rent for this since the drape and pipe is already paid for with the booth fees. Ez Backdrops can be conveniently stored and shipped all over the world. It is managed with more ease than the traditional roll up in case booths.

Portable Trade Show Displays Become Better

Its real cool for any company to stick out at a trade show with a dazzling trade show display attached to its booth. In fact, as surveys show, from government agencies to private organizations, trade show banners have been and still are the most preferred marketing tool of entrepreneurs. And with the arrival of portable trade show displays on the rack, it’s even better – no fuss, no lugging and no time-consuming mess. Its only quick, convenient and fun setting up of displays through quick and easy steps! EZ Backdrops promises to make the fun even better with their excellent range of portable eco-friendly trade show displays on offer.

Ez Backdrops Now Offers Portable Trade Show Displays

Trade show backdrops form an essential part of trade show exhibit, since they attract the most attention during the show. But, more often than not these backdrops take up a lot of space and are also extremely cumbersome when it comes to transportation. More than providing an edge to a company’s exhibit, they end up defeating the cause of quick and easy installation. This is where EZ backdrops wants to make a difference.

EZ Backdrops Presents Tradeshow Magician Services

Tradeshows is an effective marketing platform that helps in establishing a firm or a brand. Making a trade show into a winning effort requires the support of various display accessories. EZ backdrops have come up with portable accessories that can help in garnering great visibility for the stall or booth that is rented. Trade show magician tools can be found on the site that is offered by the company.

A Good Strategy from Ezbackdrops to Attract Potential Customers

Participation in Trade Shows is one of the best strategies to attract prospective customers. Many companies adopt this strategy because a lot of crowd is likely to visit such shows. Though the crowd that visits these shows may be huge, the space may be limited. So, companies must out-smart their competitors and grab the attention of their hot prospects. Experts point out that a trade-show visitor makes a decision about visiting a booth within 3 seconds. So, companies should have appropriate display boards to attract potential customers. But, companies may find it difficult to set up such appropriate display boards. Every company should have the most appropriate, attractive and appealing trade show backdrops so that customers do not decide to skip their booths. www.ezbackdrops.com is the site that can offer you excellent Trade Show Backdrops.