Fibica Emphasizes What Biking Enthusiasts Need to Know in Choosing the Best Suspension for Mountain Bikes

LogoThe Rockshox Company had been the standard for bicycle parts especially bike suspension production since its launch in 1989. The company led in the production development of mountain bikes as it is seen today. Mountain Bikers do a lot of upgrades on bicycles and the single most effective improvement a biker can make is upgrading the suspension fork. RockshoxCompany made it all possible.

Fibica Bridges the Gap Between Rockshox Reba and Other High End Bike Parts and Biking Enthusiasts

LogoRockshox is one of the companies to who pioneered in the production of bicycle suspension forks. Today, Rockshox is the top competitor in the industry producing nothing but high performing suspension products that comes in unmatched and trendy designs.

Fibica Went on Sale: Offers the Lowest Prices on Rockshox Reba and Other High End Bike Parts and Kits

LogoRockShox Inc. was founded by Paul Turner and Steve Simons in 1989. Initially the company start off launching 10 front suspension forks and three rear shocks, with the brand names such as Boxxer, Deluxe, Indy, Jett, Judy, Mag, Quadra, Ruby and SID. Rockshox was then acquired by another industry leader, SRAM in February 2002, SRAM aim to take the brand onto another level.

Fibica Gives Tips on What to Consider in Buying a Bicycle Suspension Fork

LogoMost bikers would provide numerous lists to consider in buying a mountain bike suspension fork. However, you can minimize the list into just only four factors.