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Noni Juice and Other Organic Juice Can Aid in Cancer Survivors Coping

LogoA wide range of holistic additions to diet, nutrition, exercise and even temperament are often used alongside traditional medicinal solutions to the fight against cancer. It is a fairly common approach that anything that boosts the immune system, the bodies overall wellness or the positive mindset of someone fighting cancer is probably a good idea. As with any major medical issue or lifestyle change, consulting with a doctor before implementing a new regimen is imperative. Many options are very easy to integrate into an existing health regimen and shouldn’t cause a conflict with a doctor’s advice. Fresh organic juice is a very popular health option. Both fruit and vegetable juices offer nutrients that are important for maintaining proper health, particularly for patients who are having difficulty with solid foods. Both traditional fruits and vegetable as well as recently rediscovered traditional remedies like the Fijian noni fruit are popular options.

What Are the Benefits of Noni Juice?

LogoAs noni juice becomes more recognizable and better known in health food circles the question “What are the Benefits of Noni Juice?” continues to arise. The answer is both simple and complex. The noni plant or Morinda Citrofolia as it is known scientifically offers a wide range of nutritional and health benefits as well as the potential to show many more based on scientific data and current health food trends in research.

Fijian Noni Juice Offers Several Health Benefits and Unique Nutrients

LogoFor over two thousand years the Fijian people have turned to the “Kura” for a variety of health and wellness issues. Historic research shows that Morinda Citrofolia, noni fruit as it is more commonly called, has been used in traditional medicine for a wide array of health problems. Nearly every part of the noni has some useful holistic or therapeutic property. Used as an anti-inflammatory, cathartic and fever reducing agent. Gout, ulcers, and bacterial infections have also been treated with noni in ancient Tahitian and other Polynesian cultures. In more recent years Noni has become popular again. Known to contain intense doses of anti-oxidants, vitamins and other unique phytochemicals and nutrients the Noni is making strides in health food and superfood fans the world over.

Organic Fijian Noni Fruit Juice Benefits Include an Intense Energy Boost

LogoAs the market for health food and energy drinks grows steady stronger certain forerunners continuously pops up. Energy rich foods and drinks are continuously popular, as are anti-oxidant rich foods. Organic fruit and vegetables and their extracts, essences and juice are also very popular among health food consumers. Exotic fruits and vegetables provide both a change of pace in terms of flavor and texture, but also different nutrients and minerals than the standard fare. Juices are popular options as well allowing the benefit of fruits and vegetables without the time necessary to eat a proper meal. Juices tend to allow minerals and nutrients into the bloodstream faster as they digest more rapidly as well. One popular juice in the current health food market is Noni juice, made from the Polynesian Noni fruit or Morinda citrofolia as it is known in scientific circles. Organic noni fruit juice benefits include a boost of energy and strong dose of anti-oxidants as well as the potential for several other health improvements.

Fijian Noni Juice, Anti-Oxidants and the Anti-Aging Connection

LogoAnti-aging is becoming a more and more popular division of the natural health food revolution going on in America. This is in part because of a baby boomer population trying to look and feel better. In part it is because of the explosion of popularity of organic foods and holistic medicines and in part because of the more recent increase in popularity and availability of the newly nicknamed superfoods. As a result organic foods packed with anti-oxidants, vitamins A, B, C and E and as of yet unexplored phytochemicals are making huge gains amongst the all of these groups. Fresh organic juice has become a very popular way to regain energy, vitality and even the look of youthful vigor that so health food customers are looking for in recent months.

Fijian Noni Juice Believed to Help With Regulation of High Blood Pressure

LogoHypertension or high blood pressure is a source of major medical problems for a surprisingly large portion of Americans. Combinations of stress, fat, unhealthy eating and other poor lifestyle choices are the leading causes of high blood pressure next to smoking and excessive drinking. One of the best solutions for managing hypertension can be largely holistic. Lowering overall stress levels, cutting out nicotine, caffeine, alcohols and sugars can be hugely important to lowering blood pressure. Regular exercise is thought to assist in the stabilizing of blood pressure as well. Changing to fruits and juices low in sugar and high in vitamin concentrates, like morinda citrofolia or Noni fruit, can be a great addition to a healthy diet.

Battling Cancer With Juice and Other Holistic Remedies

LogoWhen battling with any major disease or ailment it is totally normal for patients to pursue every possible option for wellness. Not only is it important to win the battle against the disease, it can be important to fight symptoms themselves and the side effects of other medicines. Diets that are rich in nutrients depleted by the disease and the treatments can be a huge boon, offering a much needed increase in energy and replenishing the body on numerous levels. When food and medication stop being effective solutions, juice can sometimes be a major boon.

Fijian Noni and the Anti-Cancer Connection

LogoThe Fijian people have considered Noni a cure all dating back thousands of years. Tribal medicine men would prescribe it for longer life, intestinal and digestive issues, and more serious health risks. This tradition, dating back nearly two thousand years, is beginning to be reborn in the modern superfood revolution. With anti-oxidant packed superfoods widely thought to be fantastic fore-runners in the fight against cancer, it’s no surprise people are looking for more and more of them every day. Noni is particularly interesting, as studies dating as far back as the mid-nineties have shown a tie between noni and cancer prevention. Anti-Oxidant rich noni juice is a great example of traditional medicine of yesterday leading the health inspired food science of today.

Noni Juice and Blood Pressure Regulation

LogoHigh blood pressure leads to hypertension, strokes and heart attacks. It and other metabolic disease symptoms and outliers can compound to be major health risks rapidly. But there are ways to combat high blood pressure. As with most metabolic conditions, regular exercise, positive stress control and a healthy diet are the primary means to maintaining a healthy blood pressure. When improving diet, however, some options are better than others. Juice is a low calorie healthy addition to diets that adds nourishing nutrients to the immune system. Fijian Noni juice is packed with blood pressure regulating flavonoids and tannins that improve blood flow and strengthen arterial walls.

Noni Juice from Fiji and It's Amazing Healing Powers

LogoThe Polynesian people have considered noni juice a mystical cure all for thousands of years. Everything from common illnesses to living a longer life is all attributed to the healing properties of the noni fruit for the last two thousand years. More recently a link has discovered between noni juice and cancer recovery. Laboratory results have pointed noni extracts showing a vast reduction in cancer cells in laboratory mice. This ancient traditional remedy continues to offer more and more beneficial properties to those who consume it in this modern time.