FinanSys Offers Cloud Hosting Solution Which Is Specially Designed and Finely-Tuned for SunSystems

LogoOne of the leading global providers of SunSystems, FinanSys offers a cloud hosting solution which is specially optimised for SunSystems, which is regarded as the top accounting software for midsize business. FinanSys Cloud is designed and finely-tuned to scale seamlessly for the growing needs and changing the landscape of businesses. Launched in 2012. FinanSys Cloud became the first SunSystems Hosting solution dedicated to the integrated accounting system. It provides seamless support, and maximum uptime, to enable individuals to run their finance department. There are various benefits of this cloud system which include reliability, expertise, first-class maintenance, cost-effective, scalability, accessibility, security, and ease of use. It offers standard backup and recovery services also, such as SQL data and critical file backed up in 15-minute intervals; failover process completed within 30 minutes; weekly tape backup; online replication of critical data to secondary data centre.

FinanSys Offers Outstanding Support Services to Ensure Smooth Performance of Sun Accounting Software

LogoOne of the dedicated global providers of SunSystems, FinanSys offers outstanding support services to ensure smooth of Sun Accounting Software, along with a provision of free-of-charge software upgrades, new versions, service packs and patches as released by Infor. With over 100 years of combined experience, they provide services, such as diagnosis of issues with the existing technical platform; advice on the configuration and implementation of the system; diagnosis of software functionality configuration and data issues through internal 1st and 2nd line support; advice on systems administration requirements; and much more. The resolutions for the technical issues are provided through an extensive and well-layered procedure conducted by the Support Desk Operation.

Maximise ROI While Attaining Business Goals with SunSystems Professional Services from FinanSys

LogoOne of the leading dedicated global providers of SunSystems, FinanSys offers SunSystems professional services, which are tailored to help entrepreneurs achieve their business goals with ease. From project services to ad hoc consultancy, their comprehensive professional services comprises of project management, project team training, business analysis, system upgrades, process improvements, remotely delivered services, and much more. All of the services are delivered by adopting an industry proven approach, and aimed at minimising future business risks, while maximising the clients' investment in the long run.