Game Over/ Men's C USSSA Softball Places 1st in Leg 1 of Lonestar Softball Grand Slam Shootout

LogoIn Leg 1 of the 2017 Lonestar Softball Grand Slam Shootout, Game Over/ Men's C USSSA softball team placed 1st, USSSA is happy to report. Game 1 against the Lackland Warhawks provided early practice for Game Over/'s offensive efforts, with a comfortable final score of 20 - 10. A matchup with Bad Rep for Game 2 delivered further domination, racking up a 13 point lead with 17 – 4 as the final tally. These early successes could not be possible without the stellar performances of tournament MVP Blake English, batting well over .900, with 4 homeruns, as well as Isaac Ledesma who led the team with 6 homeruns in 4 games.

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