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Finex Accounting and Tax Services Set to Help Clients with Recent Changes in Tax Code

LogoFinex Accounting and Tax Services, the popular online certified tax professionals, are set to help clients benefit from, and comply with the latest changes in the tax code. The beginning of 2013 witnessed the passing of the American Taxpayer Relief Act (ATRA), and with it comprehensive reforms. This comes as good news to millions of taxpayers throughout the country seeking quality tax services to mitigate tax liability, maximize returns and more.

Free Tax Returns for Qualified Unemployed People

LogoFACTS: Finex Accounting and Tax Services is a firm of professional tax accountants with many years of experience providing tax services and other accounting services. While the firm provides small business consulting, payroll and other small business accounting, during tax season the firm is devoting some of its resources to provide free tax services to people who are currently unemployed.