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NEW BOOK RELEASE-Principle Based Investing: A Sensible Guide to Investment Success, by Author Alan F. Skrainka

LogoAlan F. Skrainka’s Principle Based Investing: A Sensible Guide to Investment Success’s principles provide the guidance to enable investors to set a logical course, stay on course, and gain the advantages of a sound long-term investment program.

New Book Release - The Millenary Fraud: The Bible, by Author Arquimedes De Jesus

LogoArquimedes De Jesus’s The Millenary Fraud: The Bible is a book on the Bible that is the product of more than 18 years of my life as a Christian. What I have done in this book is nothing more than invite people to check the Bible thoroughly and to compare the different verses that contradict each other. I want people to have the same knowledge of the Bible as I and decide for themselves.

New Book Release - The Bit of Something for Everyone Rhyme Book, by Author G. K. Beck

LogoG. K. Beck’s The Bit of Something for Everyone Rhyme Book includes such bits as ‘The End’, ‘Un Beso’, and ‘Chinese Take Out’. Let us have a taste:

New Book Release - Borrowed Time, by Author Ralph F. Brady

LogoRalph F. Brady’s Borrowed Time is a time travelling romantic thriller that warps you back the end of 19th century America and the uncertain and dangerous world of early submarines.

New Book Release-Against the Current, by Author Brian L. MacLearn

LogoBrian L. MacLearn’s, Against the Current explores the evil behind the need to manipulate others, and the inner strength of goodness that compels some of us to stand up to that evil.

New Book Release-a Peace in Time, by Author Herschel Waller

LogoHerschel Waller’s, A Peace in Time is an intimate tale of love and hate across a century and a half and of the meting out of justice for a vicious murder.

New Book Release-Forty Types of PROOFS of Actual Totality, by Author Marcus Bergh

LogoMarcus Bergh’s, Forty Types of PROOFS of Actual Totality in its approach to unity is forty types of proof from non-existence to their combined sum. It features those universals, qualities, continua, kinds, and varieties of actual totality whose proofs are most certain.

New Book Release - Goodness Falls, by Author Ty Roth

LogoTy Roth’s Goodness Falls is a modern Shakespearean tragedy taking its hero from gridiron glory to drugs and despair in this timely issue of concussions in sports.

New Book Release-Honour the Holy Ground, by Author James McKeon

LogoJames McKeon’s, Honour the Holy Ground is the story of Steven Kennedy's struggle to survive the poverty of post-war Ireland.

New Book Release - Making a Difference, by Author Robin Cox

LogoRobin Cox’s, Making A Difference - The Teacher-Mentor, the Kids and the M.A.D. Project shows what a few teens and their teacher can do to help make their community a better place. Just like any 16-year old Lisa Court must confront the teenage demons of negative peer pressure, antisocial behaviour and drifting with the crowd at the expense of reaching her potential.