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Staten Island Mold Removal Company Lends a Hand to Hundreds of Families Still Struggling with Super Storm Sandy Mold

LogoTen months later and there are still thousands of people feeling the detrimental effects of Hurricane Sandy. With the obvious path of the initial damage being caused from the massive amounts of flooding and wind damage, what many tend to not think about is the contamination caused by the polluted flood waters along with the prolonged and exacerbated mold issues that have been prolific all throughout New York City. Many residents have endured through the tumultuous and trying times, compounded by the already stressful economic times, and even further dragged out by the lack of assistance many are still in need of. As there have been numerous efforts from mainstream organizations, emergency assistance groups, official government programs, along with the sheer volume of kind hearted individuals that have stepped forward with donating their own time, money, and efforts to help their fellow community members, yet again there are still thousands of people experiencing hazardous living conditions. From the average homeowner, to tenants and renters, to business owners, the amount of struggling to merely make ends meet have now had to contend with toxic mold issues for months on end.

Is Hurricane Sandy Mold Still Growing in NYC Schools

LogoSo it is back to school for students all across New York City starting in the next two to three weeks and one major problem that some schools were experiencing even at the close of the previous school year was mold growth caused by the contaminated waters of Hurricane Sandy. Along with the intense rainfall and wind damage that ensued during the Super storm, even further structural damage was incurred by some schools around NYC. The fierce wind damage caused even more of a problem with water damage from rainwater leaking through roofs that had shingles or panels ripped off, to water trickling or even pouring into the walls of these schools, all the way into the school’s basements, compounding the already horrendous water damage and flood damage caused by the contaminated flood waters of Hurricane Sandy.

New York City Mold Inspection Company, Five Boro Mold Specialist, Announces Launch of Asbestos, Lead, and Radon Testing Services

LogoHurricane Sandy contaminated flood waters prompts NYC mold removal company to revamp mold removal protocols, along with launching new environmental service divisions for asbestos testing and asbestos removal, lead testing and lead removal, radon testing, and water damage and flood damage removal services.

NYC Mold Inspection Company, Five Boro Mold Specialist Inc., Details the Harmful Side Effects of Mold

LogoIt is well known among several agencies including the CDC, WHO and AIHA that any human or animal living in a home or building with excessive mold growth has an increased risk of respiratory disease and other ailments such as asthma, skin irritations, migraines and throat problems. Those most commonly affected by mold exposure include the elderly, infants and children, anyone with existing respiratory or immune system problems and well as pregnant women. A common misconception is that any black colored mold is harmful toxic black mold, however in most cases the mold is of a less dangerous species.

NYC Hurricane Sandy Mold Crisis Lurking on Long Island, Staten Island, and in the Hamptons Reports a Long Island Mold Removal Company

LogoJust this month, the Coalition of Hope along with many other volunteers and organizations, recently set up conferences with key government officials, community members, religious organizations, chamber of commerce, and local businesses owners to further discuss the substantial Hurricane Sandy clean up, repair process, and mold removal processes.

NYC Mold Inspection Company Now Offering NYC Water Damage Services for Hurricane Sandy Mold Relief

LogoAn established NYC mold removal company, Five Boro Mold Specialist, recently launched a new water damage and flood damage program for people that have been devastated by the contaminated flood waters of hurricane Sandy. As there were literally thousands and thousands of building and homes that were underwater for a considerable amount of time, many of these buildings and homes have been forced to take extreme measures to clean, disinfect, remove, and repair water damaged areas of said structures. Due to the fact that such a large area of New York City was flooded, many of these affected areas have been experiencing increased reports of major water damage, toxic mold growth, and sickness directly derived from the contaminated flood waters of Hurricane Sandy.

Five Boro Mold Specialist Inc. Warns Public About Scandalous Hurricane Sandy NYC Mold Inspection and Mold Removal Companies

LogoWith most disasters and catastrophes there are always predatory actions taken by opportunistic people and business owners looking to cash in on other peoples hard times. Some of these people and business owners are simply trying to make an honest buck, while others are looking to make a killing by simply screwing people over in numerous ways, one of the most popular being a construction related service provider or contractor. As there has been a tremendous amount of media exposure pertaining to Hurricane Sandy clean up, repair, and re-building efforts has caused an increase in reports about unlicensed, uninsured, inexperienced, and fraudulent companies taking advantage of less informed citizens of New York City. The largest of these service providers or contractors that have been experiencing the highest amount of complaints filed with officials, have been for mold remediation and mold removal services.

Mold Removal Company in New York City Combats Hurricane Sandy Mold

LogoAs spring is upon us, so comes the numerous pollens, mold spores, and allergies associated with the coming of the warmer seasons. This particular year in areas affected by the Hurricane Sandy flood waters that were a mix of sea water, raw sewage, trash, and other disgusting things we do not even want to think of; many home owners have been suffering from toxic mold growth cultivating on untreated and contaminated areas all over NYC, causing a tremendous increase in reports of respiratory illnesses and severe allergies.

Hurricane Sandy Toxic Mold Flourishing in NYC

LogoA half year later and the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy can still be seen taking its toll on residents all over NYC, along with many other areas hit hard by the Super storm. As it has been months since Hurricane Sandy hit the Northeast, the aftermath of the storm is still lingering with thousands of people whom have been displaced, are homeless, or are still dealing with repairing their properties.

New York City Mold Removal Company Inundated with Hurricane Sandy Mold Claims

LogoWith toxic mold growing on top of contaminated areas in NYC, thousands upon thousands of residents have been reported to be suffering from exposure to this new type of mold compounded by an already potent allergy season. Armed with all of the latest mold removal technologies, one NYC mold removal company has been receiving recognition for their environmental and philanthropic efforts for those devastated by Hurricane Sandy. This New York City mold removal company has received recognition from numerous local news and media outlets for not only their contributions to the NYC environmental industries, but more so for their philanthropic efforts contributed to their community throughout their greatest times of need. With numerous residents of NYC being displaced or are now homeless due to the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy, a large number of other residents are experiencing issues with repairing damages, decontamination, toxic mold, and now allergy season. Considering the extensive amount of flooding and damage caused in the New York City area, has been a leading cause in respiratory health issues especially this allergy season. A spokesperson for this New York City mold inspection company, Five Boro Mold Specialist INC., recently stated, ”We have been servicing the entire New York City area for over twenty years and through numerous hurricanes and Nor easter’s. We have never seen a storm have such a magnitude of devastation for such a wide area of destruction all up and down the east coast. As we have established ourselves as not only pioneers in the NYC environmental industries through our proprietary reporting software and services which is accepted by NYC legal systems, insurance companies, and for other federal aid programs such as FEMA; we have been proud to not only start our own Hurricane Sandy Mold Relief Fund for low income families suffering from mold, but more so with assisting home owners and renters with filing all the different types of claims through the use of our professional mold removal services in NYC. Now seeing how pretty much all of NYC was under contaminated water, the mold problem lurking could end up being a major health crisis for the millions of people in New York City”. In need of professional New York City mold remediation services? Let Five Boro Mold Specialist INC, a twenty year veteran company in the NYC environmental industries, assist in helping remove toxic mold and assistance with filing most types of claims or paperwork for lawsuits.