Why Tourists Love to Visit Adventure Capital of Africa Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is neither the widest nor the highest waterfall, yet it is claimed to be the largest water falls in the world. It has two islands on its crest, these islands are called; Boaruka Island near the Western Bank and Living Stone Island near the middle. The main streams of Victoria Falls are known as Devil’s Cataract, Main Falls, Rainbow Falls and Eastern Cataract. For the adventurous (and quite possibly slightly insane!) traveler, a whole of challenges await, cheap flights to Victoria Falls offer an inescapable closeness to the natural elements. People in Victoria Falls call Victoria Falls Mosi-oa Tunya. Mosi-oa Tunya is also name of a national park in Victoria Falls. Mosi-oa Tunya National Park and Victoria National Park are two relatively small but famous national parks in the region.