FlipBook Creator Professional Releases New Software Update

LogoThe newest version of the FlipBook Creator Professional software is now available in version 1.8.8. This innovative software can quickly convert PDF files to high-quality royalty free Adobe Flash based flip books. The most recent version of the page flip software even supports video usage and inclusion within the flip books. Various other integral features were added in this version of the software as well.

The Newest Version of Flipbook Creator Has a Leg Up Against the Competition

LogoFlip Page Maker has released version 3.8.8 of their popular FlipBook Creator. This software has many utility advantages to other software in its sector and is sure to please consumers worldwide.

Digital Photo Album Creator Introduces Interactive Page Flipping Effects

LogoWith Image to FlipBook, users can easily create photo albums within digital book-like formats, complete with a realistic page turning effect. The software enables people to sort their photos and save them either online or offline. Recording moments has become easy with popular cameras and mobile phones. Users can also customize the styles of their photos and add effects, making their flipping book all that more personal.

FlipBook Creator v3.8.8 Introduces Bookcase Feature and Bookmark Tab

LogoEnabling the user to convert PDF files into page flipping book, FlipBook Creator v3.8.8 also introduces new features to the software series. These include the “BookCase” for providing a visually pleasing, familiar interface for viewing files, plus making it easy to share flipbooks online. The bookmark tab allows users to set bookmarks for specific pages, complete with captions, page numbers, and colors, on the left hand setting panel of the main screen.

FlipBook Creator Professional Introduces Three New Features for Version 1.8.8

LogoFlipBook Creator Professional v1.8.8, the latest in the successful series of PDF to flipbook conversion software, introduces three new features in a dynamic software package. These include a bookcase, for organizing multiple e-books for later reference in a simple familiar interface. In addition, a bookmark tab enables users to set bookmarks to specific pages, complete with captions, page, and color. These are entered and listed in a table-like screen in the left-hand design setting panel.

Flipbook Creator Software Now Provides Free Templates

LogoFlipBook Creator for Windows v3.8.8 is now configured to enable users to download and install free templates directly into the software. Preconfigured templates are available for use within the flipbook creator so users can create professional quality documents. These include Spread, Neat, Float, and Classical templates which can be selected according to the style and format of the flip book, or based on a visual appeal that looks best.

FlipBook Creator Professional Is Compatible with New Windows 8

LogoFlipPageMaker now has their FlipBook Creator Professional software available for Windows version 1.8.8. This FlipBook Creator Professional can quickly convert PDF files to high-quality royalty free Adobe Flash based flip books. This version of the software even supports video usage and inclusion within the page flip books.

Many Business Utilize Flippagemarker Software for E-Maketing

LogoIn an economy that is growing more and more competitive, more and more business are looking for every advantage and tool that thy can find. Many of these businesses are utilizing Flip Page Maker Software, and their website: www.flippagemaker.com. FlipBook software is a PDF to flash page flip book maker which converts PDF files to magazines with embedded video, audio, video, buttons, photo slideshows, hyperlinks, and more. This company strives to be the elite among all other flip books. As companies look to enhance their documents they are finding multiple uses for the FlipBook Software products. Flippagemaker Business Software Group, as the indispensable supplementary to online publications product line, mainly offer digital publishing tools for business and home work.

FlipBook Creator Now Available in Standard and Professional Versions

LogoFlipBook Creator software not only makes it convenient to convert PDF to flipbook. It is also available in standard and professional versions. Customers requiring editing functions to add video, text, flash, photo slideshows, and more can take advantage of the professional version, while users not needing these can purchase a lower cost version of the software.

FlipBook Creator Professional v1.8.8 Introduces Digital Bookcase Feature

LogoFlipBook Creator Professional v1.8.8, the latest version of the popular and successful page flip software, now has a feature for creating a digital bookcase. This new feature is helpful for e-magazine publishers to organize their e-books and make them more readable to their audience.