New FlipBook Creator Software: A Creative Way to Present Digital Content Online

LogoUsers of the Flipbook Creator series are in for a real treat following the release of upgraded versions. While the previous series was fun and easy to use, the newer version is far more powerful.

Exclusive Mac Flipbook Software Now Updated to Be More Powerful

LogoIn the bid to make its software most exclusive and full of amazing features, the Flippagemaker software company recently provided a new version of Mac flipbook software. The latest version of this popular software is attracting a number of users all over the world. They are able to present the files in a unique and attractive manner.

Upgraded Flipbook Creating Software Now Available for Download at Flippagemaker.com

LogoFlippagemaker Software Company announces to release the updated version of their FlipBook Creator, which has been incorporated with some additional features and improved functionalities to help enhance the user experience. Often considered as the most useful flipbook creating software for the Windows users, the new version will encourage people to deliver creative outputs with a greater degree of ease and convenience. The China based company will keep bringing new digital publishing tools and software for the worldwide users and they promise to release new versions in the future that will make the software even more capable and feature-rich.

PDF to Flipbook Pro for Mac Software Is Available for Free Trial

LogoThe world is becoming more creative by embracing new technologies. And now, China based Flippagemaker Software Company introduces their pdf to flipbook pro for Mac, for people to create interactive digital e-books for the Mac platform. Their Windows based Flippagemaker is already popular software for people to create flipbook with page turn effects, and this software is supposed to bring a whole lot of creativity and convenience for the Mac users who are in the field of digital content creation.

FlipPageMaker Offering 65% Discounts on Its FlipBook Maker for Mac

LogoFlippagemaker Software Co., Ltd. is about to release discount plans for its flipbook maker for Mac. Users would be able to save 65% in purchasing the software. Sources confirmed that the company is going to partner with a few renowned discount platforms including bitsdujour.com. The discount will be available on May 19th, 2014 at http://www.bitsdujour.com/software/flipbook-creator-for-mac.

FlipBook Creator Pro - Best Flipbook Software for Windows Provided by Flippagemaker.com

LogoThe updated version of FlipBook Creator Pro is now quicker loading and integratable with Multimedia objects. It has also been updated to a stable version and features the option to add videos (Vimeo, YouTube, etc), sounds, buttons, flash, links, images, and more. Users can insert JavaScript and other page-enriching characteristics along with powerful page editing.

FlipBook Creator for Mac - Software to Make PDF with Fascinating Reading Experience

LogoFlipBook Creator for Mac, an amazing new PDF to flipbook for Mac software has announced that the new edition of its program is designed to be the most reliable version to date. The software supplier, Flippagemaker Software Co., Ltd., established in 2008 in China, has fashioned the software to help Mac users create flash flipbooks that are quite striking and effective, and report that the purchase of its current version provides buyers access to a lifetime of updates, at no extra expense. The application also provides PDF to flipbook for Mac capabilities.

FlipBook Creator Pro for Mac, Stunning Software Introduced for Mac Users to Create Media-Rich Publications

LogoThere are different software that one can find for the sake of converting PDF files to rich media formats. When making a conversion, it is extremely important to be sure that the right ones are chosen because if the mapping of PDF to other format is not done properly, it will take away the sheen of the file/book.

FlipBook Creator for Mac - Software to Create Particular Flash Flipbooks on Mac OS

LogoWith the aim of keeping their position of market leader when it comes to some amazing tools for making attractive presentations, FlipPageMaker Software Co., Ltd is adding a number of unique features and services to its offering FlipBook Creator for Mac on a regular basis. The tool has a number of useful features that help users to create most amazing flipbooks in a matter of a few minutes. The software is light and green and protected from viruses and malware. Users can safely install and run the software on their system without any kind of issues.

The PDF to Flipbook Converter, FlipBook Creator, Offers Multiple Software Language Options

LogoIn the process of capturing global market and expanding its own dimensions, the famous software company, FlipPageMaker Software Co., Ltd is providing its clients and users a quick approach to switch language of its offering PDF to flipbook converter, Flipbook Creator. The software is now available in 12 languages including French, Germany, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Hindi, Arabic, Russian, Japanese, Czech and more. The default language of the website is English.