Florida Insurance

South Florida Next to Last in Affordability of New Cars and Auto Insurance

A new study shows South Floridians are among the least able to afford a new car and auto insurance.

Court Confirms That Insurers Must Offer Sinkhole Coverage

Property insurers must offer sinkhole coverage, a Florida court has ruled.

Florida Property Insurance Rates Have Increased According to Floridainsurance.com

As insurance industry leaders prepare for the upcoming state legislative session, they are faced with a seeming contradiction: even though Florida has not been struck by a hurricane in the past six years, property insurance rates have continued to increase.

Florida Home Insurance Premiums Could Increase Under Bills to Shrink Hurricane Fund

The Florida state legislature has introduced bills that would shrink the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund (Cat Fund) and would likely increase home insurance premiums. The bills would reduce the Cat Fund over three years, from $17 billion to $14 billion, but would probably raise homeowners' bills by an estimated 3.6 percent.

Every Driver Pays the Price for Car Accidents According to Floridainsurance.com

Floridainsurance.com strongly suggests that if the family vehicle is not adequately insured, it is time to obtain proper coverage. Not having enough insurance is not an option, when every year car accidents cost $162.4 billion, or $1,051 per person. Those costs include loss of quality of life, property damage, medical care, rehabilitation services, emergency and police services and loss of wages.

Most Florida Home Based Businesses Are Underinsured According to Floridainsurance.com

Many Florida home-based businesses do not have enough insurance to cover them should something go wrong. Interestingly enough, the reason for them being underinsured has to do with a belief that their homeowner’s policy covers their business. But that is not always true.

Florida Homeowners Cautioned About Hot Tub Drowning Risks

Florida is well known for its beaches, poolside summers, and tropical climate. However, Floridians always get a few months of chilly weather, during which they cover the pool and warm up the hot tub.

FloridaInsurance.com Says Car Shopping Should Begin with an Auto Insurance Quote

Many Floridians have a new car on their shopping list this year. This time of year has traditionally been a popular one for buying a new car as many auto makers pull out the stops on discounts, credits, and preferred financing.

IIHS Study Shows Insurance Payouts Higher in Small Cars

A recent report confirms that injury rates are higher for automobile accidents in smaller vehicles compared to larger ones.

Study Shows Decline in U.S. Seat Belt Usage According to Floridainsurance.com

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently released a report showing that seat belt use among U.S. drivers declined one percent in the past year. Overall seat belt use nationwide declined to 84 percent from 85 percent.