Franek Technologies Inc.

Franek Technologies Has Reached a Decade of ISO 9001:2008 Certification

LogoLoss of power, power surges, and electronic malfunction can contribute to trouble for companies in every industry. Patients on life-critical machinery at the hospital can be placed in a dire position if a backup electricity source is not available. Fortunately, the backup battery power system giant Franek Technologies continues to support businesses of all types with their battery backup needs. In November 2015, Frane k, the leader in certified Category III-3 Laboratory Battery Backup Power Protection Systems (LPS/UPS), announced its ISO 9001:2008 renewal, giving them this accreditation for the last 10 years. Especially important in the global marketplace, this certification enables the company to ensure its current and future customers that its quality management processes and procedures are standardized to create a more efficient and effective operation.