Fred H. Peck DDS

Dr. Fred Peck Invited to Be Contributing Author

LogoDr. Peck is actively involved in the communities of Cincinnati, Montgomery, Mason along with Blue Ash, Ohio regions.

Dr. Fred Peck Offers Access to Patient Tools at the Touch of a Finger

LogoDr. Fred Peck agrees that a dental practice website is a must-have tool, while a decade ago he might have argued that he may not really need a web presence. Dr. Peck says, “If you’re not on the web today, it’s like your practice doesn’t exist.”

Dentist Fred Peck Warns Oral Cancer on Rise in Teenagers

LogoOral cancer is on the rise, with an estimated 42,000 people in the U.S. being diagnosed each year. Dr. Fred Peck is on a mission to educate people in the Tri-State about signs, symptoms and the importance of early detection. More than one hundred people in the United States are diagnosed with oral cancer each day, and a person dies of oral cancer every hour of every day.

Dr. Fred Peck Offers His Patients BiteFX Technology

LogoDr. Peck is committed to the effective treatment of the destructive effects of occlusal disease. He uses a presentation tool called BiteFX™ that uses animations to explain problems in a way that makes sense to his patients.

Dr. Fred Peck Completes CEREC Il and CEREC IIl Technology Courses

LogoDr. Peck received the first training class with the purchase of the CEREC machine, which is a precise system for creating one-visit chair side restorations such as crowns, inlays, onlays and veneers. The continuing education classes in Scottsdale, AZ were sponsored by doctors of the CEREC company. Dr. Peck felt honored that he was asked by the CEREC doctors to be a mentor of future classes, teaching the courses he completed recently. As Dr. Peck continues taking more courses he will be asked to mentor those completed classes. He said, “the doctors said that based on what they had seen of my work they wanted me to mentor and that was quite a compliment.”