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Freebird Publishers Release a New Book on US Prison Health

LogoPrison Health Handbook is 68 Chapters filled with alarming facts about health issues happening everyday inside today's prison systems. Red flags to help worn those inside and educate those outside. Many solutions, ways to avoid and make situations better. 277 pages in paperback and eBook will open your eyes and make you skin crawl to what is lurking inside of US prisons.

New Book for Prisoners - Prisoner Survival Skills: How-to Make Something from Nothing

LogoWe take things for granted in society, if we need something, we go to the store, order online or make it. Well, it is apparently not so simple for those that find themselves behind bars in prison. Inside a prisoner usually cannot even purchase the item they need or want from commissary (prison store). Over the years prisoners have learned to create things. The knack for making something out of nothing started with those that had needs that could not be met.

Prisoners Using E-Mail Messaging Systems

LogoTechnology has arrived in the prison systems! Now prisoners are able to utilize messaging systems via tablets, kiosks, etc creating a giant leap in the realm of communication with the outside world.

Pen Pal Company Seeking Volunteers to Promote Prisoner Rehabilitation

LogoPen Pals have become a huge positive influence in the way of Prisoner Rehabilitation. Prison Pen Pal service, has recently been asking for persons willing to correspond with inmates to volunteer their time in helping the prisoners listed on their pen pal service.

Freebird Publishers Demonstrations a Proven Technique

LogoHow To Get Your Money’s Worth From Any Non-Fiction Book

Freebird Publishers Offers Free Download "First Step"

LogoSentence reductions are highest in two decades.

Freebird Publishers Offers Free Download the First Step Act

LogoEveryone who is or knows a federal prisoner has, most likely, heard about The First Step Act. As you know it is a long awaited 'First Step' to prison reform that was signed into law on December 21, 2018, by the President, Donald Trump. This is the first meaningful effort to provide relief to all prisoners currently confined by The Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Freebird Publishers Launches First Color Catalog


Freebird Publishers Releases a Celebrity Address Book

LogoThe lives of celebrities are idealistic. It's no wonder so many people are so caught up on wanting to make contact with them. They have all the things they want and more in life. They are our subtle unconscious motivators. They make us wishful of that fairy tale life.

Books for Inmates: Gifts That Keep Giving

LogoAnyone who knows what it's like for a prison inmate to be confined indoors all day with minimal contact with the outside world knows that any kind of stimulation such as reading can be a truly rewarding activity. As a business that has specialized for many years in publishing prisoner publications so that loved can give them as gifts to prisoners. Freebird Publishers have put a smile on many faces through the receiving of a book at mail call. These books give a very positive opportunity of being able to have great material to pass the time while in prison.