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Prisoners Learn Communication Skills and Self-Expression as Tools for Rehabilitation

LogoState Prisons Use Therapy as Real Step to Criminal Justice Reform

Self-Improvement Has Been One of the Longest Running National Efforts for Most Americans

LogoSelf-Improvement Is Needed the Most by American Prisoners Who Wish to Lead A Law-Abiding Life

National Publishing Company Connects Striving Businesses with Under Tapped Market

LogoBusinesses May Now Reach Over Two Million New Customers With a Single Call

American Compassion Is Second to None

LogoAmerican prisoners have been identified as among the most vulnerable

The First Step Act of 2018 Expands the Use of Compassionate Release for Federal Prisoners

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The Criminal Justice Reform Movement Is on Its Way to Making History

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Judge Posner Gives Up on Justice as a Lost Cause

LogoProtesting America's Third World Justice System

The First Step Act Could Save American Taxpayers Billions of Dollars

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Past Year Been Significant for Criminal Justice Reform in America

LogoAmerica's Effort To Correct Criminal Justice System, First Step Act, One Year Old

With the New Year Comes the Opportunity to Make a Meaningful Resolution to Change a Life Forever

LogoMaking a New Year's resolution is an age-old tradition in this country, and all are made with the best of intentions. There can be no doubt that all Americans have the opportunity to exact self-improvement and some are more compelling than others. History, however, has shown that even the most compelling New Year's resolutions last no longer than the celebration itself. We all have great aspirations for change and many promised improvements are quite commendable. But the most successful resolutions are the ones that are made to one's own self as opposed to those made to satisfy others.