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Penacon Makes It Easy to Connect the Incarcerated with the World

LogoWriting to inmates is no joke—it comes with rules and safety precautions. Those rules, which are set by the prisons, are different in every state. With the help of (, people can know they are in compliance no matter where the prisoner is incarcerated.

Freebird Publishers Releases Their Latest Prison Friendly Cookbook

LogoNew Cookbook Raises the Culinary Bar for Those Who Are Behind Bars.

Freebird Publishers Promotes Cookbooks for Memorial Day Dinning

LogoThis Memorial Day, Freebird Publishers ( brings America the most exciting meals to the tables of everyone. There is no other day in the holiday schedule like Memorial Day. Memorial Day is an American holiday, observed on the last Monday of May, honoring the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military. Memorial Day 2022 will occur on Monday, May 30.

Penacon Reaches out to Bring Joy to the Incarcerated This Memorial Day Weekend

LogoThis Memorial Day is not just another three-day weekend for the staff at ( This memorial day, and all those who work to make things happen, are diligently seeking to bring joy to those who have been deprived of their liberty.

Gift Giving on Memorial Day Is Both Meaningful and Heartfelt

LogoFreebird Publishers Makes it Possible to Give Gifts to Our Incarcerated Veterans

Freebird Publishers Reaches the Hearts of Prisoners Nation Wide

LogoSpringtime is upon us once again. The season brings about more sun, better spirits, and lifted hopes. For a prisoner the greatest hope is early release. For this reason, Freebird Publishers partners with some of the sharpest minds in post-conviction relief the country has ever known. One such author is Kelly Patrick Riggs. Mr. Riggs is the author of the Post-Conviction Relief series and is the founder of The Federal Innocence Project. He is also known for writing his most powerful book, Ineffective Assistance of Counsel: Overcoming the inevitable ( He is a nationally known leader in the field of Federal post-conviction relief petitions, compassionate release, and sentence reductions. Raymond A. Lumsden, another Freebird Publishers author, is likewise known as a leader in post-conviction relief for state prisoners. Mr. Lumsden's practice is specialized for State prisoners who must take their real state claims to a Federal Court. He is best known for writing his book, § 2254 Pro Se Guide to Winning Federal Relief (

Joy Is in the Air with the Start of Spring and Romance

LogoContrary to the beliefs of many, love and romance are very real in the hearts of prisoners. Hundreds of incarcerated Americans have found friends and the love of their life while behind bars. This is possible through inmate pen pal services like ( Penacon strives to fill the hearts of inmates around the country with their web-based pen pal service.

Spring Is the Time to Change the Hearts of Many with a Gift

LogoFreebird Publishers makes it possible for prisoners to give gifts to their loved ones. With their brand new 2022-2023 Gift Look Book ( Freebird Publishers connects prisoners with their closest loved ones.

Freebird Publishers Recognized as the Leader in Prisoner Publications

LogoFreebird Publishers continues to strive to fight recidivism through prisoner education. The Bureau of Justice Statistics studies have found high rates of recidivism among released prisoners. One study, which tracked 404,638 prisoners in 30 states after their release from prison, found that about 2/3 (67.8%) of released prisoners were rearrested within 3 years of release and more than 3/4 (76.6%) were rearrested within 5 years. More than half (56.7%) of these rearrests were in the first year after release. However, there is a 43% reduction in recidivism rates for those prisoners who participate in prison education programs.

American Prisoners Find New and Exciting Books on the Market

LogoFreebird Publishers announces the release of new books for prisoners around the country. The most informative book now is the new Freebird Publishers Vol. 3. It contains a list of books that are of benefit to prisoners especially those who seek a better life outside of prison. That includes listings for prisoners who want to stay connected to loved ones by sending gifts and those who want to see if they are eligible for early release. It contains a full list of Post-Conviction Relief books written by featured author Kelly Patrick Riggs.