Freespool Sport Fishing

Fishing in Certain Weather Conditions

LogoThe wind will be a critical factor as it will cause a push in the water and may pull surface food away from the shore. Baitfish, for example, will swim over to where this food is, which may make it harder to catch the fish if the wind is strong and the bait isn't "remaining still".

Snag a Summer Catch with Free Spool Sport Fishing

LogoSpeaking of the ocean, it's a wonderful experience being on a boat with close friends, family, and loved ones. A deep sea fishing trip can be booked so that the fishing trip is enjoyed solely by a select group of individuals.

Summer Deep Sea Fishing Tips

LogoNorth Miami Beach, FL – 07/12/2019 – When it’s time to go fishing on the South Florida waters, there are tips that avid anglers and beginner deep sea fishers may wish to keep in mind. Consider these tips for the next fishing excursion.

Enjoy a Summer Fishing Trip with Free Spool

LogoBy choosing a deep sea fishing boat, customers have a captain who already has the boat plus the tools and knowledge necessary for the fishing trip, from preparing lines to catching the many different species of fish, which means there is more time to enjoy the experience versus having to get set up. Additionally, the captain is aware of laws such as where it is permitted to fish.

Meet Captain Dennis Forgione

LogoNo other charter captain in the City of Miami has the extensive history that Dennis Forgione has. Captain Dennis has caught numerous fish near Haulover Inlet for decades. As a child, he would go out on the Tiki drift boat with his father, Captain Frank Forgione. The boat remained in operation from 1957 to 1995 out of Haulover Marina.

Fish During the South Florida Spring

LogoBlackfin tuna are incredibly small fish yet they can be fierce opponents when attempting to catch them using standard deep-sea fishing rods and reels, often darting into deeper depths. These fish are among the favorites to catch with people of all ages.

Catch Some Fascinating Fish This Spring

LogoThe tuna measures more than six feet and weighs over 500 pounds, which makes a formidable opponent in the sea. These fish can swim over sixty miles per hour. Speaking of speed, the mako shark can swim up to forty miles per hour. Because it doesn't have a swim bladder, it is constantly in motion to stay afloat. The shark is capable of tremendous jumps and is known for its distinct colors.

Sailfish Fishing in the Spring

LogoCaptain Dennis Forgione and the crew aboard the Free Spool are ready to make sure everyone in the family, friends or business associates have an amazing fishing experience. One of the most popular fish to catch during the spring is the sailfish.

Captain Dennis Forgione Speaks at This Year's Ladies, Let's Go Fishing

LogoCaptain Dennis appeared at the event as one of the guest speakers and also captained one of the offshore sportfishing boat events where participants fished for dolphin, wahoo, kingfish, sailfish, and more.