Fun Wirks

Deluxe Costume Company Fun Wirks Boasts New Line of '70s and '80s Costumes

LogoAs audiences across the country pour into movie theaters to see the latest Star Wars film, many of the excited movie goers will be fully decked out in costume, armed with a lightsaber, a blaster, and a smile. Costumes allow us to put on a mask, deck ourselves out with a fun outfit, and become someone else for a change. They present an opportunity to escape, to connect, and to hearken back to another time, another place, and even another person entirely. At no company is this understood better than Funwirks. Based just outside of Los Angeles, CA, this online retailer boasts a well-stocked assortment of costumes from all the major eras: '20s, '50s, 60's, '70s, '80s, and '90s! Most recently they showcased their newest batch of '70s and '80s costumes and accessories, catering to a crowd that grew up on a healthy diet of bell bottoms, flower power, neon clothing and Members Only jackets.