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How to Accelerate Business Funding After Government Shut Downs, Debt Ceiling Crisis and Loan Denials

LogoWhile John and Jane Doe were blinded like a deer in headlights by the latest scandal breaking between Olivia, Fitz and Jake; and the beloved politicians were focusing on scoring political points … millions of restaurateurs, realtors, and aspiring gov’t subcontractors were dealt a near fatal blow during 17 tumultuous days in October.

Ex-Banker Details Insider Secrets to Drastically Increasing Entrepreneurs' Abysmal Loan Approvals

LogoTampa, Florida based Edward E. Felder, Jr. MBA, a widely acclaimed financing specialist and the CEO of Supplier, has announced the release of his first book "It's Money In The Bank: 7 Insider Tips To Financing Any Small Biz!".