Future Market Insights

Beta-Glucans Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2015-2025 by FMI

LogoGlucans are glucose polymers, classified according to their inter-chain linkage as being either ?- or ?-linked. Beta-Glucans are a heterogeneous group of nonstarch polysaccharides, consisting of D-glucose monomers linked by glycosidic bonds. Beta-Glucans occurs naturally in the bran of barley, oats, and wheat, and can also be extracted from the cell walls of baker's yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae). Among polysaccharides that act as immunostimulants, Beta-Glucans were found to be the most effective against infectious diseases and cancer.

Vanillin Market:Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2015-2025: FMI

LogoVanillin is primarily used in the food and beverages industry to enhance the sweetness of food items such as chocolates, candy, biscuits, ice-creams and cakes. Vanillin is extracted from an extract of the vanilla bean, and it's considered to be an organic compound. Vanillin can be produced naturally or it can be chemically synthesized. The seed pods of vanilla planifolia is used to extract the natural vanillin. In order to extract the flavor of vanillin, the natural green seed pods are kept for several months, as the natural green pods lack the flavor of vanillin. In order to accommodate the high demand for vanillin in food and beverages industry the chemical synthesis process is used. Apart from its application in food industry, vanillin is also used in pharmaceutical industry.

Kids Recreational Services Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2014-2020 by FMI

LogoKid's recreational services nurture kid's body and mind with refreshment and enjoyment through the various activities such as play, artistic activities etc. These recreational services are responsible for developing the imagination, self-confidence, nourishment and creativity of kids. These services also help to evolve the emotional, physical and social skills of the children. While doing this, they learn to recognise and build their social position surrounded by the world. These recreational services empower children to renovate the culture through their own imaginative and creative activities such as painting, puppetry, play, dance, animation, songs, games, street theatre, festivals, stories and many more. It has been seen that working parents spend only 1 to 2.5 hours with their children in a day because of their busy schedule. Many working parents do not get sufficient time to be with their children and in such situation, the recreational activity is the best way to keep children busy with. Kids love to go to amusement park and playing with toys. The size of the global toy market was around 84 billion U.S. dollars in 2012 and the market for amusement theme park grew by 5.2% between 2011 and 2012 and expected to show constant growth. Kid's recreational services also provide adaptive and accessible sports and recreation programs that are designed for the people with disabilities. Adaptive and accessible programs help children with disabilities to gain self-confidence and to develop physical and social skills. Along with these incredible benefits there are some disadvantages: - managing balance between schoolwork and recreational activities can be stressful for children sometime especially when they have to complete their homework, sometimes, children get less time with their families.

Automotive Lubrication Services Market: GCC Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2014 - 2020: FMI

LogoAutomotive lubrication services includes lubrication of all moving parts of automobiles by applying greasy or oily substance, so as to lessen the friction. Automotive lubrication services consist of services such as oil changes, and preventive maintenance. Some GCC companies in automotive lubrication services also provide services such as routine maintenance services, for instance, adjusting tire pressure, changing windshield wipers, replacing light bulbs, repairs, and topping off fluid levels. The automotive industry is in growth phase and also, GCC automotive aftermarket industry reached to US$ 7.5 billion in 2012. Lubrication is very important for automobiles, without lubrication the automobile would consume more power and automobile parts may get damaged. Lubrication acts as a coolant, a noise-reducing cushion, and a sealant between engine piston rings and cylinder walls.

Ortho Phthalic Aldehyde Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2015-2025: FMI

LogoOrtho-Phthalic Aldehyde or o-Phthalaldehyde (received clearance by FDA in October 1999) is a chemical compound commonly abbreviated as OPA. This pale yellow solid chemical is considered as the building block for pharmacompounds. Ortho-Phthalic Aldehyde, also known as Fluoraldehyde Crystals, is basically a highly sensitive fluorescent derivatization reagent for various microbiocidal activities. Its outstanding material compatibility along with barely perceptible odor does not need any exposure monitoring. Owing to this, Ortho-Phthalic Aldehyde is progressively being used as a replacement in the healthcare industry for glutaraldehyde, which is better known for sensitizer. Additionally, it has also exposed more anti mycobactericidal activity therefore, allowing using at lower concentrations. However to protect visitors, employees and patients it must be used according to manufacturer's directions.

Wood Pellet Market:Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2015-2025: FMI

LogoIn order to meet the increasing demand for energy and fossil fuels alternative along with intensifying concerns for greenhouse gas (GHG), the demand for global wood pellet market is rapidly escalating. Wood pellet is a solid fuel that is produced by compressing biomass or organic matter. Usually, it is made from waste timber like sawdust, residues of forest and various industrial by products. Its length is 1-2 cm and generally the diameter is 6, 8, 10, or 12mm. At greatest, it is possible to produce 25mm wood pellet. Being extremely thick, it is produced at low moisture, which allows them to burn with high combustion efficiency. Over the other types of solid biomass available, feasibility in transportation, storability and high energy density, among many others are the advantages of using wood pellet and so, it is used as fuels for residential & commercial heating, cooking and generating power.

Intelligent Pigging Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2015 - 2025 by FMI

LogoCrude oil is the leading source of primary energy generation across the globe with 33% share in 2013, followed by natural gas which accounted for about 24% share in the global primary energy mix during the same period. The increasing demand for energy across the globe is expected to result in increased crude oil and natural gas consumption. The global primary energy consumption reached at 12,730.4 MTOE (Million Tonnes of Oil Equivalent) in 2013 as compared to 9,943.8 MTOE in 2003, witnessing a compound annual growth rate of 2.5% over the period.

Oil and Gas Accumulator Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2015-2025 by FMI

LogoThe global oil & gas accumulator market is expected to grow significantly in coming years, despite recent plummeting of crude oil market. With an increase in crude oil prices, the drilling activities across the globe are expected to pick up pace, resulting in an increase in the global oil & gas accumulator market.

Corundum Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2015 - 2025 by FMI

LogoCorundum is a class of minerals, best known for the gem varieties such as ruby and sapphire, which are essentially the same mineral albeit of different colors. Corundum is a hard and highly stable mineral. It is the hardest mineral after diamond, making it the world's second hardest mineral for all practical purpose. Chemically Corundum is nothing but aluminum oxide and it can be easily synthesized industrially. Synthetic corundum can be manufactured by adding small quantities of color producing elements to the solution of Corundum, which is then left to solidify in a predetermined shape. The process of synthetic production of Corundum is known as Verneuil Process. Corundum minerals are available in different colors. The most common varieties of Corundum are Emery (Black), Padparadschah (Pink and orange variety of Sapphire), Ruby (Pink or red), Green Sapphire, Blue Sapprihe, Star Ruby, and Star Sapphire among some others.

Fluorite Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2015 - 2025 by FMI

LogoFluorite, also known as fluorspar is a popular mineral that is available naturally in all colors of spectrum. It is the mineral form of calcium fluorite that belongs to the halide minerals. It is a visible mineral both in ultraviolet as well as visible light. Pure fluorite is colorless and the variations in the color are caused by impurities. The common colors of fluorite include purple, blue, yellow, green, and blue. Fluorite has an attractive cleavage habits and the cleavage, which is perfect and parallel to octahedral faces, can be peeled off in some cases to make a smooth crystal perfect octahedron. Fluorite is known to be one of the famous fluorescent minerals. The word fluorescent has arrived from fluorite mineral. Fluorite crystallizes in a cubic design. The major reserves for fluorite is found in China which accounts for around 24 million tons in inner Jiangxi, Mongolia, Hunan, Zhejiang and Fujian provinces. These reserves make about 80% of the national total of fluorite reserves. As China has introduced many measures to protect the fluorite reserves, the output for fluoride has remained steady.