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Community Clean-Up Grants Offered for Local Dumpster Rental Go-Green Projects

LogoLooking to beautify a neighborhood or help out with a community's Go-Green Initiative? The Environment Protection Agency, (EPA) has announced that they have various grants and fund money available for local clean-up projects.

Global Waste Could End Up Tripling by 2100

LogoIf changes aren't made soon in how materials are used and reused, there is a good chance that the amount of garbage will end up tripling by the time 2100 rolls around. With landfills being as full as they are now, how are they supposed to hold three times the amount of waste over the next few years? All of the extra waste being produced carries fiscal and physical consequences.

Save Time and Minimize Clutter This Summer with a Dumpster Rental

LogoNow that the weather is nicer outside, many people are making the decision to clean out clutter and organize their home. One of the best ways to do this is with a dumpster rental. Millions of pounds of garbage are thrown out each year. While much of the garbage ends up in the landfills, that isn't the case with all of it. Many people end up throwing their old items out to the curb and hope it gets picked up by someone in need of the item or their local garbage collector.

The Circular Economic Opportunity in the Construction Industry

LogoAccording to Shaping the Future of Construction, a breakthrough in mindset and technology, reusing discarded asphalt materials and waste lumbers: using closed – loop circulation design ideas, is one of the greatest approaches that could shape the future of this sector. Considering the fact that construction plants and other mechanics account for about 40% of carbon emission globally, recycling or reusing products that are discarded provide the best opportunity for the construction industry to minimize global emission and make it more environmentally sustainable.

Using Dumpster Rentals for Spring Cleaning

LogoRegular cleaning can be bad enough, but when it comes time for spring cleaning it can be even more so. The best thing for anyone to do is make sure that they are fully prepared for what's to come, and that means getting plenty of assistance. With the right tools, anyone is able to keep themselves moving along with the cleaning process and that's the purpose of renting a dumpster. Dumpsters make the process easy because everything that needs to be thrown away can be taken care of immediately. There's no process of putting things off to the side to be thrown out later and there's no need to hold onto things that aren't actually needed. This is important because it's going to prepare any home for the future. EnviroSolutions, Inc. offers a range of dumpsters in different sizes, so anyone can make sure that their home is looking its best for the new season. What makes these dumpsters better than traditional trash cans is that they can hold anything that needs to be gotten rid of. Even if that includes looking to do some construction, there's going to be no trouble getting rid of it. The dumpsters hold anything and everything.

Art for Demolition Dumpsters

LogoDallas' Sanitation Services department new program aims to support local artists in the most unusual way. Going by the name Art for Dumpsters, the programs seeks to award 5 artists with commissions that are to be displayed on the city's recycling containers.

A Dumpster Rental Company to Assist with Spring Cleaning

LogoJust as there are student dorms and college football in most university campuses, take-out pizza are part of higher education.

Recycling Has Costs but Is Worth It

LogoAlthough selling recycled materials can help, counties in the state of Virginia know that it cannot make up for all of their recycling costs, particularly now that the scrap market is at a low point. However, the counties in the state of Virginia also know that recycling produces more benefits than the sums fetched for selling recycled materials, meaning that they feel it is still worth their time and effort as well as the taxpayers' money.

'Tis the Season for Roll off Dumpster Rentals

Logo'Tis the season for boxes, bags, gifts and new toys to pile up and up until Mom and Dad are left to wonder, "how did we get all of this stuff?". While the holiday season brings so much joy, it also brings a ton of clutter. Just think of all the last minute home improvement projects, clearing out the spare spaces to host overnight guests and cleaning up after the celebrations are all over. Roll-Off dumpster rental company, Galaxy Transfer, is ready to aid the communities of Northern Virginia in disposing their After-Christmas clutter. A division of EnviroSolutions, Inc., the company provides a service to help residents clear out junk from their home or clean up from a home remodeling project without making trip after trip to the local landfill.

Americans Generate 25 Percent More Waste During the Holiday Season

LogoAccording to Stanford University, Americans generate about 25 percent more waste between Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve, which amounts to about an additional 25 million tons of waste. As a result, Virginia residents should be prepared to handle their waste rather than run the risk of being caught flat-footed once the celebrations are over.