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Galbrecht Eye Care Receives 2014 Best of Olathe Award

LogoGalbrecht Eye Care has been selected for the 2014 Best of Olathe Award in the Optometrists category by the Olathe Award Program.

Galbrecht Eyecare Offers Visual Field Testing for Early Detection of Common Eye Conditions

LogoDr. Diane Galbrecht of Galbrecht Eyecare in Olathe, KS is always excited to offer her patients the finest in eye care. Providing early detection of common eye conditions is an essential part of her mission in the wider Olathe community, and she is always looking for ways to further this aim. Visual Field Testing to detect peripheral vision loss that may indicate underlying health issues is no exception.

Galbrecht Eyecare Introduces Revolutionary New Technology for Early Glaucoma Detection

LogoGalbrecht Eyecare in Olathe, Kansas announced today the addition of a cutting edge new technology that promises to revolutionize the detection of glaucoma. The Zeiss Glaucoma Detection with Variable Corneal Compensation (or GDx VCC) performs a non-obtrusive scan of a patient's retina to measure the thickness of the retinal nerve fiber layer (RNFl) without the need to dilate the eye. Changes in the thickness of the nerve layer is an early indicator of glaucoma. The GDx VCC assesses the eye from both a structural and functional point of view and detects structural changes in the retinal nerve fiber layer. This helps to detect early signs of glaucomatous structural damage.

Today Cataracts Are Easily Diagnosed and Treated

LogoEye care technology seems to improve each day. No one knows this better than the patients of Galbrecht Eyecare with offices in Olathe and Shawnee, Kansas. Dr. Diane Galbrecht has been a leader in bringing the latest technologies to the communities she serves and today she is utilizing the Konan CellChek Specular Microscope to assess the readiness and viability of the use of refractive surgery for patients with certain operable conditions.

The Eye Chart Has Gone Digital

LogoThere are few things more recognizable than the standard optometrist’s eye chart. Officially known as the Snellen Eye Chart, named after its Dutch ophthalmologist inventor, Hermann Snellen, who introduced the chart back on 1862, it has been the standard for measuring vision acuity during an eye exam for over 100 years. Today, like so many other things we are familiar with, the Snellen Chart has gone digital.

Galbrecht EyeCare Installs the Nidek Retinal Camera in Its Kansas Offices

LogoRetinal cameras are used to take a digital picture of the retina of the eye, or the back of the eye. Since the eye is the only place on a human body where you can see the vasculature of the body without invasive surgery, using a retinal camera enhances the management of retinal disease, such as glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy, and can also diagnose cases of diabetes and hypertension. Modern optometric practices need a retinal imaging solution and local optometrist Galbrecht Eyecare from Olathe and Shawnee are now using one of the most advanced pieces of equipment on the market.