Plug and Play SD Card RFID Reader

GAO RFID Inc. ( is offering its plug and play RFID reader with a secure digital (SD) interface. It is utilized for contactless, cashless payment, public transportation, consumer retail, event management, pharmaceutical and healthcare and access control. This practical RFID reader operates at a frequency of 13.56MHz and can be used in smart phones and PDAs.

Ultra High Frequency Long-Range Gen 2 Reader/Writer

Toronto, Canada - GAO RIFD Inc. ( has released its ultra high frequency long-range Gen 2 reader/writer, which is designed as a single read point in a pedestal, pole, wall or ceiling mounted configuration. It uses UHF radio frequency identification technology to create an integrated automatic vehicle identification (AVI) system offering superior performance characteristics over traditional long range proximity card system. This self-contained combination RFID read/write unit is an economical solution for automatic vehicle identification and access control applications alike.

Active Handheld Reader Ideal for Locating Assets

GAO RFID Inc. has announced the release of its high performance palm-sized active RFID reader.