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Theresa May Refuses to Remove Foreign Students from Immigration Figures: Garth Coates Comments

MPs are now warning that if Theresa May decides to keep foreign students in immigration figures; she could be damaging Britain's world class universities. The cross-party Education Select Committee is calling for overseas students to be recorded under a separate classification, allowing for students to come and study in the UK, while contributing to our society.

Four Brook House Immigration Detainees Held for over Two Years: Garth Coates Comments

The BBC has recently reported that four males have been held for longer than two years at Brook House immigration removals centre, with a further twenty three people held for over a year – highlighting how much the average length of detentions have grown.

Could More Immigrants Be Allowed Into Scotland After Brexit? Garth Coates Comment

David Davis has recently hinted at a regional immigration system which would work to allow more immigrants into Scotland following Brexit, highlighting the importance of migration and suggesting that without it, negative impacts could occur.