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Gds International Discovers Trends in Pharmaceutical Fraud

Counterfeiting is a major problem across many industries, and it's getting worse. According to Travis Johnson, Vice President and Director of Legislative Affairs and Policy for the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition <> , in the 30 years since the association was formed, there has been significant growth both in terms of volume and diversification of fraud items. "Back in the 1970s and 1980s counterfeiting was largely a concern for apparel companies and luxury goods brands," he says.

GDS International Talks With Bank of America on Consumer Scam

Ron Green has recently spoken out on his current role as SVP of Customer Solutions for Bank of America (BOA) for GDS International’s Meettheboss TV <> .

Measuring the Move to Digital

The economy is putting ever-increasing demands on marketers to make every euro count and demonstrate positive ROI. According to the "iStrategy" a leading program of Business, Marketing and Creative professionals (ran by GDS International), the demand to perform is driving marketers online. More than one-third of marketers attending the iStrategy program were surveyed and believed that interactive marketing ROI would be more profitable than traditional marketing-such as TV, radio and outdoor in 2010. In fact 27% of the marketers indicated they would shift Euro spend from traditional media into the digital space although 34% didn't know how to measure their online ROI.