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POWERQUBE Crowdfunding Project Launched

LogoWith a goal of $25,000 the makers of the POWERQUBE™ have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Geared toward personal electronic devices such as tablets, smart phones, iPods®, iPads®, iTouches®, Samsung®, Android®, Nokia®, etc., the POWERQUBE™ is the 21st century charging solution to the age-old power-strip. A revolutionary electrical power and charging system that allows consumers to charge up to nine devices simultaneously through three USB ports and six electrical outlets, the POWERQUBE™ is a smart charging device with a sleek and attractive design. Compact and designed to place on a desk, conference table, kitchen counter, coffee table, nightstand or dorm room desk, the modernly designed POWERQUBE™ can be placed anywhere the consumer needs power management and USB charging capabilities. JOIN THE REVOLUTION!