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Iraqi Dinar's Revaluation and the Current Law and Economic State of Iraq

LogoFor years, people in and outside of Iraq have been excited about the revaluation of Iraqi dinar. But what is the real state of Iraqi dinar? Will they ever mature so that its investors can convert their investments? Is there hope amidst the country being in hot water now facing law and order and economic crisis?

New and Improved Iraqi Dinar Adds Anti Forgery Features: First Step Towards Strengthening Iraq's Currency

LogoWho will not be blinded by this statement: “as a potentially profitable investment on the theory that at some unknown point in time a “revaluation” would occur. If the Iraqi government would increase the value of its currency from a tenth of a penny to, say, $2, a $25 investment could turn into $50,000.” stated by the three local men of Ohio who are caught promoting the currency.