Giganews, Inc.

Giganews Hits the Century Mark with 100 Day Retention Upgrade

Today Giganews announced the completion of major storage upgrades for its global Usenet cluster which will increase binary newsgroup retention to 100 days over the next 2 weeks. 100 day retention across all binary hierarchies is a first for the Usenet community and part of a series of recent service improvements offered by Giganews.

Giganews Implements Expanded Support for 256 Bit SSL Encryption

Today, Giganews announced an improvement in their recently implemented encrypted Usenet service. Customers can now establish 256 bit SSL encrypted Usenet connections to Giganews on port 443 as well as port 563.

Giganews Releases Embedded Social Bookmarking, RSS, and Atom Support

In an effort to improve customer experience and communication, Giganews, Inc. has unveiled support for embedded social bookmarking and RSS / Atom feeds for its corporate website.

Giganews Unveils Official Blog

Giganews has implemented an official company blog, where Giganews employees can share information and experiences about Giganews and other Usenet related technologies.

Binary Newsgroup Retention Growing to 90 Days at Giganews

Giganews, Inc. announced today a storage increase for single and multi-part binary newsgroups. Over the next few weeks retention in these newsgroups will start to grow to an unprecedented 90 days. Giganews' current binary newsgroup retention of 70 days will increase day by day as the additional storage starts to fill with new articles.

Usenet Referral Program Expanded at Giganews

Giganews, the world's leading Usenet service provider has expanded its customer referral program. Giganews customers now referring friends and family can link to Giganews via their favorite Usenet forum or website and earn an additional $5 credit toward their personal Giganews account. With the standard referral reward of $15 this means a total of $20 in possible credits for every person they refer.

Newsgroup Service Provider Giganews Unveils Multi-lingual Website

Usenet service provider Giganews, Inc. announced today the availability of its website in multiple languages. Giganews now offers its website in Dutch, German, French, Spanish, and English.

Text Newsgroups Expand to 1000+ days, Binary Newsgroups Expand to ~70 days at Giganews

Giganews NNTP text retention has reached 1000 days. Binary article retention stands at ~70 days.