Should Your Small Business Look for Virtual Private Server

Server virtualisation is one of the hottest IT trends today. Most new users are adopting virtual private servers. However, there is still a big gap in the take-up rate between enterprise users and small or individual users. Small businesses are one of the fastest growing segments on the Internet and one of the most crucial to satisfy because of their unique needs, large size and diversity. Despite these challenges virtual servers have gone a long to satisfy those demands.

Know the Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Private Server

If you are planning for switching to virtual private server from shared server, make sure you research well on your option and choose your hosting company with lot care. While choosing hosting provider take a look at the customer service performance and testimonials provided by past customers. Also check for network uptime rates offered by the provider.

Virtual Private Server – Learn About the 2 Types of VPS Hosting

A virtual private server is a kind of web hosting service where the actual specification and capabilities of a single server is partitioned into smaller multiple servers. As a result, each account tied to the individual server benefits from the same web hosting freedom similar to a dedicated server. VPS provides full CPU and RAM usage without sharing any resource and data to other accounts. Moreover, web administrators can also reboot the system anytime without affecting other servers.

What All You Need to Know About Linux VPS Hosting

VPS or Virtual Private Server has now replaced the dedicated servers largely. This is a best cost saving alternative for the websites with lesser traffic. The main server in VPS is partitioned into numerous virtual servers based on the requirement of the disk space and bandwidth. This virtual server performs similar to dedicated servers. There are mainly two kind of virtual server hosting available in the market - Linux VPS and Windows VPS. Linux based VPS hosting is more popular compared to other solutions due to it’s flexible, reliable and cost effective nature.