"Big Data" to Change the Hosting Industry Forever Reports GIGePIPE

Big Data is the aggregation of the masses of data created by social media and online interactions every day. Dealing with Big Data is providing the latest challenge in defining how businesses can leverage information from social media to better target and define their approaches and practices, but making sense of such huge volumes of information is a specialist skill that requires high-powered number crunching on massive data sets. Such jobs are set to expand to 4.4 million by 2015 as the digital information gold rush begins. This will require a new age in hosting, reports GIGePIPE. William Lu, CEO of GIGePIPE commented on the changes required to meet the Big Data explosion, "We've seen where the market is driving towards, and we're determined to meet customer demands with a stable networking, delivering big data solutions. Due to ever increasing quality and size of video files, higher quality images and video conferencing, we're offering our clients more bandwidth at lower costs."