GlassTek Interactive Glass Technology and Interactive Touch Screen Glass Displays Have Applications Across Business Sectors as Touch Screen Glass Is Easily Customized

LogoInteractive glass products are used extensively across many industries and have applications ranging from advertising to design and engineering. One way to instantly attract the attention of an audience in a meeting is to showcase images or sound bites by navigating through a series of touch screen panel prompts. The injection of innovative technology is one way to impress potential clients with a high-definition and high-clarity presentation or demonstration. Interactive Touch frames from Glasstek, one of the premier glass technology companies in the US, come with a six-point touch system as standard. This configuration can be upgraded and made more complex by increasing the number of points to ten, twenty, or even forty. Interactive glass products are created by applying a film onto an existing glass panel or part of an existing glass panel. A large monitor can be transformed into an interactive touch monitor.

GlassTek LED Mirror, Mirror TV, Interactive Glass, and Smart Film Technology Is Transforming Colorado Homes and Offices

LogoIn a technologically advanced world where everyone wants the latest news as it happens and the ability to multitask wherever they are, it's good to know that developments in glass technology keep pace with the most imaginative and practical applications for the home and the office. One increasingly popular glass product is privacy glass, or smart glass, sometimes called smartglass. This product actually comprises a smart film layer which is applied to an existing glass surface and it can be turned from transparent to opaque with a tap on a smartphone or the flick of a switch. For sleek apartments where the glass windows are floor to ceiling and the views are a major feature, this offers the homeowner the ability to make the room private without cluttering the apartment design with shutters, blinds, or drapes. The same application suits a high-rise office building where the sunlight can be controlled and managed quickly and efficiently. Without requiring a lengthy dismantling and glass replacement process, most installations of the smart film can be done within a single day. The application process is very similar to adding a tint to a window. GlassTek's Colorado based in-house production facility not only ensures a top quality product is delivered every time, their team of experts are on hand to offer advice when selecting a product and excellent customer care following installation.

The Future of Glass Is Now with GlassTek Interactive Glass, Mirror TV, LED Mirror, 3D Laser Engraved Glass, Smart Glass and Smart Film Technology

LogoA standard glass panel can be transformed into an Interactive glass panel with the addition of interactive touch film. Applications are varied and diverse, spanning advertising and gaming to complex engineering and healthcare projects. The features which have become so commonplace on smartphones and touch screen computers like being able to expand an image, contract an image, slide an image across and screen, and even rotate an image offer a versatile and intuitive experience on interactive glass screens. Wall-mounted screens in an office provide a functional and practical focal point for meetings and demonstrations, and are an impressive marketing tool able to deliver a polished presentation, with the added advantage of being able to improvise as the meeting digresses, using the various touch screen prompts to pursue a new thread of the conversation, clearly a much more effective and adaptable format than a fixed presentation. Make the most of crisp displays with vibrant and colorful images to impress potential clients.

GlassTek Interactive Glass and Interactive Touch Screen Technology Can Be Applied to Existing Glass Displays for Promotions, Exhibits, and Engineering Applications

LogoInteractive Touch Screen technology has a multitude of applications and is incredibly versatile. GlassTek is a Colorado-based leader in innovative glass technology, offering premium glass product solutions like touch screen glass, mirror TV products, LED mirrors, and smart film, or smart glass film which self adheres to existing glass like a window tint with an internal layer of PDLC, Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal, allowing the glass to switch from transparent to opaque. Privacy is important at home and also sometimes in the office.

GlassTek, an Innovative Glass Company, Offers New 3D Laser Engraved Glass to US Market

LogoGlassTek, a leading US company offering premier glass technology products and services, offers a new product called 3D Laser Engraved Glass. Compared to surface etching which cannot provide fine details or 3D layers, our subsurface laser can engrave fine details in multiple layers through the center of the glass to create intricate designs. Designs can be tailored for residential or commercial, indoor and outdoor display or for specific products or ideas for advertising.

GlassTek, an Innovative Glass Company, Brings New IR Touch Frames to the US Market

LogoGlassTek, a leading US company offering premier glass technology products and services, offers a new product called an IR Touch Frame, or also referred to as Multi-Touch. This product fits on top of any monitor to make it an interactive touch screen display. This Multi-touch technology has been aptly named for the ability to simultaneously detect a minimum of 2 touch points, meaning where you have touched the screen. GlassTek offers a 6-point touch system, how many simultaneous fingers, on the screen, can be recognized by the touch overlay. "Being able to make any screen a Multi-Point Touch Screen display allows users to get creative with their applications," said Jin Pak, President of GlassTek, "such as interactive display tables where certain applications necessitate an accessible type of display laid out horizontally instead of a vertical display."

GlassTek, an Innovative Glass Company, Brings New Mirror TV to the US Market

LogoGlassTek, a leading US company offering premier glass technology products and services, now announced a new, revolutionary product called a Mirror TV. Mirror TVs are flat-screen TVs that sit flush behind a mirror for on-demand use. Just as it sounds, the TV can be seen only when turned on, making it a decorative and functional package. The Mirror TV is very flexible in its application by mounting flush or framed to match the interior of your home. The speaker system can be upgraded to include auxiliary speakers within the environment, giving an improved acoustic ambiance.

GlassTek, Which Offers High-Tech Glass Products, Introduces New Smart Glass & Smart Film to US Market

LogoGlassTek, a leading US company offering premier glass technology products and services, is now offering a new line of Smart Glass & Smart Film to the market. Smart Glass, also referred to as switchable glass, is a glass whose light transmission property is changed when either voltage, light or heat is applied. The most common use for this is to change the translucence of the glass, by making it opaque. An example of Smart Glass in use is a conference room made entirely of glass walls becoming opaque when there is a need for privacy.