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Glitz Design Asks, "Is It Time to Buy Black Diamond Earrings as a Holiday Gift for Her?"

LogoBlack Diamonds is reported to be the most popular color of colored diamonds. These beautiful gems are getting popular these days as the popularity of unconventional engagement rings has grown. Thus, Glitz Design asks if it's time to spring for some for the Christmas holiday.

Are Lab Grown Diamonds Eco-Friendly And/or Ethical Diamonds?

LogoMan-made diamonds are getting popular over mined diamonds these days as lab-created diamond corporations call them eco-friendly and sustainable. So apart from getting a deal on a piece of jewelry, customers prefer to have eco-friendly diamonds/ ethical diamonds. So people usually get attracted by the lab-grown diamonds for sale. Lightbox jewelry is one renowned name for man-made diamonds and blue nile carries a collection of mined diamonds. Lightbox jewelry has a beautiful collection of lab-grown diamonds for sale and Blue Nile has a mesmerizing collection of earth-mined diamonds.

Glitz Design Launches Jewelry Holiday Deals on for Black Diamond Earrings & Diamond Rings

LogoIf bling bling is what you are looking for this holiday season then you should add one of the black diamond earrings or exquisite black diamond rings from Glitz Design. Glitz Design is a Houston-based Master Jeweler who design and create lovely statement pieces with 14K & 18K gold and natural earth-mined diamonds. This holiday 2017, Glitz Design has launched special pricing on many of its products so that one can make use of them for sending gifts to their loved ones. It doesn't have to be a electronic gadget that is outdated every few months. A gift should mean much more than a plastic device or a gadget.

Glitz Design Launches Program to Sell Only Socially and Environmentally Conscious Diamond Jewelry Made from Genuine Natural & Earth-Mined Diamonds

LogoGlitz Design is a group of experts comprising of diamond & gemology experts, jewelry designers, and master craftsmen. Most products are Made In the USA with ethically sourced Natural Earth-mined diamonds and gemstones. Glitz Design has pledged and launches a program to use only Natural Earth-mined diamonds sourced in a conflict-free manner from certified sources.

Glitz Design Launches Harvey Relief Donation Program Along with an Inspiring #HoustonStrong Solid 14K Gold Necklace

LogoHouston Strong Harvey Donation Program is a special purpose program launched by Glitz Design a leading diamond jewelry designer and master jewelry making company from Houston, Texas. This program will help raise money for relief to Houston Area victims through the charity of 4% for every purchase made by their customers on their website

Glitz Design Launches Their Black Friday Special Deal 2016

LogoBeing almost a month away from Christmas some have already completed their Christmas shopping, and others haven't even started. With the help of Glitz Design, they can begin they're Christmas shopping this Black Friday.

Glitz Design Launches a Warranty on Diamond Jewelry Purchased Online

LogoGlitz Design launches special 60-day warranty as an answer to the many fears people have when jewelry is bought online. One of the biggest concerns is that a stone will fall out when they receive it in the mail. If it has fallen out, how would it be fixed? Is it possible to get it fixed? How would one prevent from a stone falling out again? Having stones falling out of a jewelry piece can be quite upsetting, but with the following procedures the jewelry piece can be back to its perfect form.

Glitz Design Announces Their Upcoming Independence Day Sale Event

LogoThe 4th of July is an important day for all Americans. On this day in 1774, the United States had declared Independence and was successful in doing so. If it weren't for all the people involved in claiming the freedom of the United States, Americans would not be as privileged. With that being said, this day has been and continues to be one of the biggest celebrations every year. This day is filled with fireworks, bar-be-que, and laughter. The best way to do celebrate is gifting your loved one a pair of earrings or a promise ring from a Made in USA jewelry manufacturer.

Glitz Design Launches the Two-Stone Ring Style Engagement Rings and Wedding Sets This Summer 2016

LogoTwo-Stone Rings have their beauty lie within the message it holds. This type of ring is meant for those with an unbreakable bond. The message this kind of ring portrays is based on the two stones. One stone means that the significant other is his best friend, and the other stone means that person is the love of his life. This ring is the perfect reminder of how strong this relationship is.

Glitz Design Announces the Arrival of New Rose Gold Engagement Rings and Marquis Cut Engagement Rings Just in Time for Christmas

LogoNow that Thanksgiving is over, everyone is preparing for the Christmas madness. While most people are preparing for Christmas, many others are preparing for a grand proposal. When planning for proposal, it is preferred that the ring is unique and stylish. Two types of rings fit that description: rose gold engagement rings and marquise cut engagement rings.