Global Document Services

Global Document Services Offers Commercial Shredding Services for Government Offices

Global Document Services is one of the leading providers of document digitalization in Chicago, IL and surrounding areas. They provide nationwide commercial shredding services for both government offices and public officials. As more companies move forward into paperless environments, Global Document Services is a preferred partner, helping businesses to save money while becoming greener and more organized.

Global Document Services Helps Numerous Industries Benefit from Large Format Scanning

Many industries are switching to digital files and turning to Global Document Services to help them in their transition. Digitization refers to the conversion of pictures, text, and sound to a digital format processed on a computer. This revolutionary process plays a significant role in business, as it makes workflow faster, smoother, and more efficient.

Global Document Storage Assists Medical Facilities in Their Transition to Digital Storage

There are many industries that require sensitive information to be relayed and stored securely. One of the most rigorous industries that rely on accurate data storage is the medical industry. Medical facilities across the country are quickly turning to a more efficient and innovative way of managing patient information. Global Document Services has been assisting many industries in their digitalization process to streamline document storage.

Global Document Services Helps Companies Reduce Expenses by Going Paperless

Global Document Services is the leading document management business that is fully-insured to provide services to professionals across the country. With more and more companies taking the stride toward a paperless system, not only is there a benefit for the environment, but for the businesses themselves, as it can save significant amounts of money by reducing expenses related to tangible paper documents.

Global Document Services Uses OCR Technology to Accurately Transfer Information to a Digital Platform

Through the use of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, Global Document Services aids companies in accurately and securely storing their physical documents on a digital platform. OCR technology is a tool used to convert the text on scanned images to editable and searchable information. While Global Document Services offers scanning services to aid businesses in the process of digitization, using OCR software gives businesses seeking these services a multitude of benefits.